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2023-06-13Linux: use wxWidgets for official VeraCrypt Linux packagesMounir IDRASSI1-2/+2
2022-01-02Update copyright year to 2022Mounir IDRASSI1-1/+1
2021-08-30Update copyright year to 2021Mounir IDRASSI1-1/+1
2021-08-30Linux: Build .deb packages with Ayatana application indicator support (Ubuntu...Mounir IDRASSI1-1/+12
2020-07-25Linux: Update wxWidgets for static builds to version 3.0.5Mounir IDRASSI1-2/+8
2019-12-22Linux: Modify .deb build scripts to link against statically built wxWidgets o...Mounir IDRASSI1-4/+21
2019-12-21Linux: Fix building and packaging console-only version to remove dependency o...Mounir IDRASSI1-4/+13
2019-10-07Updated and fixed build and packaging scripts. (#512)El Mostafa Idrassi1-6/+8
2019-10-05Linux: modifications to cmake files to use GTK3 on CentOS and change packages...Mounir IDRASSI1-0/+0
2019-10-04Linux: Added CMake script for creating .DEBs and .RPMs for VeraCrypt using CP...El Mostafa Idrassi1-0/+41