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Linux: Added CMake script for creating .DEBs and .RPMs for VeraCrypt using CPack, and shell scripts which build then package VeraCrypt under CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu. (#511)
The DEB script builds VeraCrypt and links it against wxWidgets that comes with the distribution. The RPM script awaits for wxWidgets-3.0.4 source code which it builds then links VeraCrypt statically to it. Both scripts create the corresponding package after the build.
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+# Errors should cause script to exit
+set -e
+# Absolute path to this script
+export SCRIPT=$(readlink -f "$0")
+# Absolute path this script is in
+export SCRIPTPATH=$(dirname "$SCRIPT")
+# Source directory which contains the Makefile
+export SOURCEPATH=$(readlink -f "$SCRIPTPATH/..")
+# Directory where the VeraCrypt has been checked out
+export PARENTDIR=$(readlink -f "$SCRIPTPATH/../../..")
+echo "Building GUI version of VeraCrypt for DEB using system wxWidgets"
+make clean || exit 1
+make || exit 1
+make install DESTDIR="$PARENTDIR/VeraCrypt_Setup/GUI" || exit 1
+echo "Building console version of VeraCrypt for DEB using system wxWidgets"
+# This is to avoid " Error: Unable to initialize GTK+, is DISPLAY set properly?"
+# when building over SSH without X11 Forwarding
+# export DISPLAY=:0.0
+make NOGUI=1 clean || exit 1
+make NOGUI=1 || exit 1
+make NOGUI=1 install DESTDIR="$PARENTDIR/VeraCrypt_Setup/Console" || exit 1
+echo "Creating VeraCrypt DEB packages"
+# -DCPACK_RPM_PACKAGE_DEBUG=TRUE for debugging cpack DEB
+# -DCPACK_RPM_PACKAGE_DEBUG=TRUE for debugging cpack DEB
+mkdir $PARENTDIR/VeraCrypt_Packaging
+cpack --config $PARENTDIR/VeraCrypt_Packaging/CPackConfig.cmake || exit 1
+cmake -H$SCRIPTPATH -B$PARENTDIR/VeraCrypt_Packaging -DVERACRYPT_BUILD_DIR="$PARENTDIR/VeraCrypt_Setup/Console" -DNOGUI=TRUE || exit 1
+cpack --config $PARENTDIR/VeraCrypt_Packaging/CPackConfig.cmake || exit 1 \ No newline at end of file