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MacOSX: Increment version to 1.24.5 and update release notes.
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<strong>Note to users who created volumes with 1.17 version of VeraCrypt or earlier: </strong><br/>
<span style="color:#ff0000;">To avoid hinting whether your volumes contain a hidden volume or not, or if you depend on plausible deniability when using hidden volumes/OS, then you must recreate both the outer and hidden volumes including system encryption and hidden OS, discarding existing volumes created prior to 1.18a version of VeraCrypt.</span></li>
-<p><strong style="text-align:left">1.25.5</strong> (December 19<sup>th</sup>, 2021):</p>
+<p><strong style="text-align:left">1.25.5</strong> (December 24<sup>th</sup>, 2021):</p>
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+<li>Fix resource files inside VeraCrypt application bundle (e.g. HTML documentation, languages XML files) being world-writable.</li>
<p><strong style="text-align:left">1.25.4</strong> (December 3<sup>rd</sup>, 2021):</p>