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2023-11-19Continue update Bitcoin donation address and its QR codeMounir IDRASSI3-1/+1
2023-11-19New Bitcoin donation address since current one is affected by Randstorm vulne...Mounir IDRASSI1-1/+1
2023-11-13Translations: update Russian translation file and documentation by Dmitry Yer...Mounir IDRASSI11-48/+88
2023-11-09Remove unneeded redundant OS name in Release NotesMounir IDRASSI2-4/+4
2023-11-09Increment version to 1.26.10. Update signed Windows drivers.Mounir IDRASSI2-1/+9
2023-11-05Documentation: Remove Flattr as donation platform since it is shutting downMounir IDRASSI1-1/+0
2023-11-05Documentation: Mention that TRIM is not supported on macOSMounir IDRASSI2-0/+3
2023-11-05Documentation: Add more information about TRIM behavior in VeraCryptMounir IDRASSI3-7/+19
2023-11-03Documentation: Update bank account details for USD donationsMounir IDRASSI2-7/+8
2023-10-31Documentation: Mention default PIM values when no PIM is specifiedMounir IDRASSI1-3/+9
2023-10-23Documentation: Update supported macOSX versions to remove Big Sur and add SonomaMounir IDRASSI2-2/+2
2023-10-11Increment version to 1.26.9Mounir IDRASSI2-1/+4
2023-10-10Increment version to 1.26.8Mounir IDRASSI2-0/+19
2023-10-09HTML Documentation: Update Russian translation by Dmitry YerokhinMounir IDRASSI3-23/+42
2023-10-06Harmonize copyright date and statements across various filesMounir IDRASSI4-9/+41
2023-10-03Translations: update Russian translation file and documentation by Dmitry Yer...Mounir IDRASSI6-7/+289
2023-10-03Documentation: Fix wrong version and URL of Language Pack file.Mounir IDRASSI2-4/+4
2023-10-02Fix typo in Release NotesMounir IDRASSI2-1/+1
2023-09-30Increment version to 1.26.7. Set release date to October 1st. Update Windows ...Mounir IDRASSI2-2/+3
2023-09-30Documentation: Add documentation for RAM EncryptionMounir IDRASSI5-0/+164
2023-09-29Translations: update Russian translation file by Dmitry Yerokhin.Mounir IDRASSI7-37/+123
2023-09-26Documentation: Mention Upgrade/Repair/Reinstall case in Memory Protection hel...Mounir IDRASSI2-0/+9
2023-09-24Documentation: Add entry in FAQ about ghost drive that maybe listed by VeraCr...Mounir IDRASSI2-1/+15
2023-09-24Documentation: mention that OS reboot is required after changing memory prote...Mounir IDRASSI2-1/+1
2023-09-24Windows: Add tooltip message and help button for new option to disable memory...Mounir IDRASSI6-0/+105
2023-09-21Update Release Notes. Increment version to 1.26.6.Mounir IDRASSI2-3/+15
2023-09-21Documentation: Update the list of supported OSsMounir IDRASSI2-27/+8
2023-09-09Documentation: Indicate in System Encryptiom documentation that pasting passw...Mounir IDRASSI2-2/+3
2023-09-06Windows: remove recommendation of keyfiles files extensions and update docume...Mounir IDRASSI6-1/+95
2023-09-03HTML Documentation: Update Russian translation by Dmitry YerokhinMounir IDRASSI46-195/+256
2023-08-20Update Release Notes with latest Linux fix for hidden volume in CLIMounir IDRASSI2-0/+1
2023-08-16Fix typo in Release NotesMounir IDRASSI2-1/+1
2023-08-15Update Release Notes and set date of 1.26.5 to August 15thMounir IDRASSI2-3/+18
2023-08-10Documentation: Update Windows build guide to mention Windows Test Mode and st...Mounir IDRASSI2-6/+17
2023-08-09FAQ: Add entry for solving Operation no permitted issue on macOSMounir IDRASSI2-0/+30
2023-07-25Release Notes: Fix typoMounir IDRASSI2-1/+1
2023-07-24Update Release Notes and set date of 1.26.4 to July 24thMounir IDRASSI2-8/+12
2023-07-23Documentation: Indicate that TrueCrypt support is dropped starting from versi...Mounir IDRASSI2-0/+3
2023-07-16HTML Documentation: Add Russian translation by Dmitry YerokhinMounir IDRASSI23-112/+1960
2023-07-11Update the Release Notes with URL related to the EMV project by the studentsMounir IDRASSI2-11/+11
2023-07-07Release Notes: Fix typoMounir IDRASSI2-2/+2
2023-07-05Updates on WinCompiling docs and script (#1146)Jertzukka1-8/+9
2023-07-02Fix typos in Release NotesMounir IDRASSI2-2/+2
2023-07-02Indicate in Release Notes that EMV support must be enabled in the settingsMounir IDRASSI2-0/+1
2023-07-02Update Release Notes with latest changes.Mounir IDRASSI2-1/+15
2023-06-29Linux: Add libpcsclite dependency into compilation guide (#1136)Jertzukka1-1/+23
2023-06-28Add EMV functionality (#1080)mmauv4-77/+325
2023-06-28Increment version to 1.26.3. Update Release NotesMounir IDRASSI2-1/+12
2023-06-28Documentation: Fix typosMounir IDRASSI3-2/+2
2023-06-13Documentation: Clarify various points in the documentationMounir IDRASSI4-9/+9