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Documentation: Add a note in "Favorite Volumes" section referring to issues caused by Windows "Fast Startup"
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Favorite Volumes</h2>
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<p>Favorite volumes are useful, for example, in any the following cases:</p>
@@ -46,6 +46,9 @@ Favorite Volumes</h2>
</li><li>You have a volume that needs to be <strong>automatically mounted when you log on
</strong>to the operating system. </li><li>You have a volume that always needs to be <strong>mounted as read-only </strong>
or removable medium. </li></ul>
+<strong>Note: </strong>Please refer to <a href="Issues%20and%20Limitations.html">Known Issues and Limitations</a> section for issues that may affect favorite volumes when Windows "Fast Startup" feature is enabled.
<h3>To configure a VeraCrypt volume as a favorite volume, follow these steps:</h3>
<li>Mount the volume (to the drive letter to which you want it to be mounted every time).