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11 daysCorrect exceptions to match the correct language strings (#1299)Jertzukka1-3/+3
11 daysUnix CLI: Don't initially re-ask PIM if it was already specified (#1288)Jertzukka1-1/+0
2023-12-11Linux: Allows GUI to launch in a Wayland-only environment (#1264)Jertzukka1-1/+1
2023-12-11macOS: Fix near zero width PIM input box and simplify wxTextValidator logic (...Jertzukka4-13/+8
2023-11-19Linux/FreeBSD/macOS: Implement language selection settings (#1253)Jertzukka12-68/+805
2023-11-13wolfCrypt as crypto backend for VeraCrypt (#1227)lealem473-3/+21
2023-10-31Linux: Focus PIM field when selected (#1239)Jertzukka1-0/+1
2023-10-08Fix warnings and throwing an exception instead of ignoring the error (#1229)kovalev01-1/+0
2023-10-05Update various copyright datesMounir IDRASSI1-5/+5
2023-10-05fix for corrupted icons (#1226)sardanap1-1/+1
2023-10-01MacOS: set minimum target to OSX 12. Fix About menu not working.Mounir IDRASSI1-0/+14
2023-09-02Linux/macOS: preserve unknown entries in configuration fileMounir IDRASSI2-10/+28
2023-08-21Allow cross compilation. (#1182)Unit 1931-2/+2
2023-08-19Linux: Fix wrong max size for hidden volume in CLI direct mode creationMounir IDRASSI1-8/+15
2023-08-12Linux: Flush stdout explicitly when reading stdin (#1172)Jertzukka1-1/+1
2023-08-12Linux: Typo fix and consistency in help command (#1169)Jertzukka1-1/+2
2023-08-07Call EnsureVisible() for OSX in OnActivate (#1167)Deniz Türkoglu1-0/+1
2023-08-04fix warnings and UB (#1164)kovalev01-2/+2
2023-07-24Linux/macOS: Remove TrueCrypt supportMounir IDRASSI21-191/+59
2023-07-23Linux/macOS:Add EMV option checkbox to the fbp file. Remove TrueCrypt checkbo...Mounir IDRASSI3-9698/+2294
2023-07-23Update UserInterface.cpp (#1155)Springfield Data Recovery1-1/+1
2023-07-05Linux: Overwriting file container allows you to use its space (#1147)Jertzukka1-0/+6
2023-06-29Linux: Fix wrong size for hidden volume when selecting the option to use all ...Mounir IDRASSI1-1/+1
2023-06-29Linux/FreeBSD: Make pcsclite a dependency of the packages and the generic ins...Mounir IDRASSI1-2/+2
2023-06-29EMV keyfile support: Overall code improvements and bug fixesMounir IDRASSI19-103/+135
2023-06-28Add EMV functionality (#1080)mmauv22-74/+219
2023-06-14Linux/macOS: only wipe password/PIM text controls if they are not emptyMounir IDRASSI2-2/+10
2023-06-13Linux: Fix compatibility of generic installers with old Linux distrosMounir IDRASSI1-1/+1
2023-06-05Linux/macOS: Fix error during creation of installation packageMounir IDRASSI1-3/+3
2023-06-01Fix issues launching fsck via terminal on Linux (#1086)Jertzukka2-0/+3
2023-05-27Prevent failing fs options being shown in --text --create (#1078)Jertzukka1-15/+23
2023-05-22Linux: Fix printing error when checking freespace during volume creationMounir IDRASSI1-1/+6
2023-05-21Linux/macOS: Better handling of wrong PIM value in text mode (enhances PR#1026)Mounir IDRASSI1-1/+4
2023-05-21Keep PIM secret and re-ask when user entered a wrong value (#1026)Bogdan Drozdowski1-1/+5
2023-05-19wxWidget assert failure bug (#999)Es6-107/+113
2023-05-18Add a new LangString 'LINUX_VOL_MOUNTED' to show when volume mounted. Fixes (...Jertzukka1-1/+1
2023-05-18Linux/macOS: Suppress asserts displayed by wxWidgets 3.1.6+ for sizer flags u...Mounir IDRASSI1-0/+1
2022-08-21Fix incorrect text color in dark mode (#920)Kenneth Chew2-3/+3
2022-02-19Linux/MacOSX: Fix hidden volume settings not correctly displayed when enablin...Mounir IDRASSI3-4/+7
2022-02-11Update copyrights following integration of LZMA SDKMounir IDRASSI1-1/+2
2022-01-08MacOSX: remove write permission also from group on application bundleVeraCrypt_1.25.7Mounir IDRASSI1-1/+1
2022-01-02Update copyright year to 2022Mounir IDRASSI1-2/+2
2021-12-24MacOSX: correct permission of VeraCrypt application bundle during packagingMounir IDRASSI1-0/+1
2021-11-21Linux/macOS/FreeBSD: return error if unknown filesystem value specified in --...Mounir IDRASSI1-1/+1
2021-11-21Linux/FreeBSD: Fix calling "make install" without specifying DESTDIR, which s...Mounir IDRASSI1-0/+4
2021-09-21Linux/macOS: Add CLI switch (--size=max) and UI option to give a file contain...Mounir IDRASSI8-74/+268
2021-09-04Minor cleanup of the repo (#822)a13460541-0/+0
2021-08-30Update copyright year to 2021Mounir IDRASSI1-2/+2
2021-08-21Linux: Better Linux desktop integration. Add mount.veracrypt script for fstab...Mounir IDRASSI1-0/+7
2021-08-21Fix typo in GraphicUserInterface.cppMounir IDRASSI1-1/+1