AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2023-10-01MacOS: Fix Blake2s SSE 4.1 not being builtVeraCrypt_1.26.7Mounir IDRASSI1-0/+6
2023-10-01MacOS: set minimum target to OSX 12. Fix About menu not working.Mounir IDRASSI3-9/+23
2023-10-01Linux: use "-std=c++11" for gcc 4.8 and adapt code to old compilersMounir IDRASSI4-8/+8
2023-10-01Linux: Better detection of gcc version to correctly enable c++11Mounir IDRASSI1-8/+15
2023-09-30XML translations: increment version to 1.26.7 in Simplified Chinese fileMounir IDRASSI1-1/+1
2023-09-30Update Language.zh-cn.xml (#1206)风之暇想1-2/+2
2023-09-30XML translations: downgrade version of Simplified Chinese to be able to merge PRMounir IDRASSI1-1/+1
2023-09-30Windows: Update MBR bootloader for version 1.26.7Mounir IDRASSI20-0/+0
2023-09-30Increment version to 1.26.7. Set release date to October 1st. Update Windows ...Mounir IDRASSI68-97/+98
2023-09-30Documentation: Add documentation for RAM EncryptionMounir IDRASSI5-0/+164
2023-09-29Windows: enhancement to RAM encryptionMounir IDRASSI1-17/+55
2023-09-29Windows Driver: Use KeQueryInterruptTimePrecise on Windows 8.1 and newer as b...Mounir IDRASSI2-2/+24
2023-09-29Translations: update Russian translation file by Dmitry Yerokhin.Mounir IDRASSI8-41/+127
2023-09-27Update (#1213)Mr-Update1-2/+2
2023-09-26Windows: during Setup, and if VeraCrypt already installed, open online help o...Mounir IDRASSI2-3/+40
2023-09-26Documentation: Mention Upgrade/Repair/Reinstall case in Memory Protection hel...Mounir IDRASSI2-0/+9
2023-09-25Update Language.zh-cn.xml (#1205)nkh04721-2/+2
2023-09-25Update Polish translation (#1210)Matthaiks1-2/+2
2023-09-25Update Corsican translation on 2023-09 (3rd) (#1211)Patriccollu1-4/+4
2023-09-24Documentation: Add entry in FAQ about ghost drive that maybe listed by VeraCr...Mounir IDRASSI2-1/+15
2023-09-24Documentation: mention that OS reboot is required after changing memory prote...Mounir IDRASSI2-1/+1
2023-09-24Windows: make Setup correctly manage option to disable memory protection duri...Mounir IDRASSI3-2/+8
2023-09-24Libzip 1.10.1 (#1209)DLL12518-32/+87
2023-09-24Windows: always open online help in case of Setup because local help may be o...Mounir IDRASSI2-1/+7
2023-09-24Windows: Add tooltip message and help button for new option to disable memory...Mounir IDRASSI56-49/+374
2023-09-23Language XML files: update Russian XML file by Dmitry Yerokhin.Mounir IDRASSI1-2/+2
2023-09-22Update (#1207)Mr-Update1-2/+2
2023-09-22Linux/MacOSX: Increment packaging version to 1.26.6Mounir IDRASSI5-8/+8
2023-09-21Windows: Load Riched20.dll to use RichEdit control. Use InitCommonControlsEx ...VeraCrypt_1.26.6Mounir IDRASSI1-2/+7
2023-09-21Update Polish translation (#1204)Matthaiks1-1/+1
2023-09-21Update Release Notes. Increment version to 1.26.6.Mounir IDRASSI75-83/+95
2023-09-21Documentation: Update the list of supported OSsMounir IDRASSI2-27/+8
2023-09-21Translations: Add missing entries to Estonian XML fileMounir IDRASSI1-0/+2
2023-09-21Translations: Add newly added string entry IDC_DISABLE_MEMORY_PROTECTIONMounir IDRASSI39-0/+39
2023-09-21Windows: use separate name for SetProcessMitigationPolicy function point. Rem...Mounir IDRASSI1-11/+5
2023-09-20Update Corsican translation on 2023-09 (2nd) (#1203)Patriccollu1-2/+4
2023-09-20Update (#1202)Thomas De Rocker1-29/+29
2023-09-20Windows: Add setting in main UI and setup wizard to disable memory protectionMounir IDRASSI10-20/+69
2023-09-18Windows Security: make memory protection enabled by default. Add process miti...Mounir IDRASSI7-6/+139
2023-09-18Windows: use same manifest structure for Expander as in Mount and FormatMounir IDRASSI1-9/+9
2023-09-16Update (#1200)RobO 39451-4/+4
2023-09-15Update Language.xml (#1199)TigerxWood1-1/+1
2023-09-15Update (#1198)TigerxWood1-1/+1
2023-09-11Update Polish translation (#1197)Matthaiks1-1/+1
2023-09-11Windows: replace CoInitialize calls with CoInitializeExMounir IDRASSI6-15/+15
2023-09-10Windows: Indicate in manifest files that support starts from Windows 7Mounir IDRASSI5-4/+45
2023-09-10Translations: Add new field IDC_LINK_KEYFILES_EXTENSIONS_WARNING to language ...Mounir IDRASSI38-0/+38
2023-09-10Update Language.zh-cn.xml (#1195)nkh04721-0/+1
2023-09-10Update Corsican translation on 2023-09 (#1196)Patriccollu1-4/+6
2023-09-09Documentation: Indicate in System Encryptiom documentation that pasting passw...Mounir IDRASSI2-2/+3