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Windows Setup: Integrate 64-bit builds of exe files into the installer. Only install 64-bit exe files on Windows 64-bit. This gives a boot in performance for encryption/decryption of partitions/drives on Windows 64-bit.
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diff --git a/src/Signing/sign.bat b/src/Signing/sign.bat
index 22236849..d099b9f2 100644
--- a/src/Signing/sign.bat
+++ b/src/Signing/sign.bat
@@ -7,6 +7,10 @@ signtool sign /v /a /n IDRIX /ac Thawt_CodeSigning_CA.crt /t
signtool sign /v /a /n IDRIX /ac Thawt_CodeSigning_CA.crt /t "..\Release\Setup Files\VeraCrypt Format.exe"
signtool sign /v /a /n IDRIX /ac Thawt_CodeSigning_CA.crt /t "..\Release\Setup Files\VeraCryptExpander.exe"
+signtool sign /v /a /n IDRIX /ac Thawt_CodeSigning_CA.crt /t "..\Release\Setup Files\VeraCrypt-x64.exe"
+signtool sign /v /a /n IDRIX /ac Thawt_CodeSigning_CA.crt /t "..\Release\Setup Files\VeraCrypt Format-x64.exe"
+signtool sign /v /a /n IDRIX /ac Thawt_CodeSigning_CA.crt /t "..\Release\Setup Files\VeraCryptExpander-x64.exe"
cd "..\Release\Setup Files\"
copy /V /Y ..\..\..\Translations\*.xml .
diff --git a/src/Signing/sign_test.bat b/src/Signing/sign_test.bat
index d7976828..33dbd01b 100644
--- a/src/Signing/sign_test.bat
+++ b/src/Signing/sign_test.bat
@@ -10,6 +10,10 @@ signtool sign /v /a /f %PFXNAME% /p %PFXPASSWORD% /ac TestCertificate\idrix_Test
signtool sign /v /a /f %PFXNAME% /p %PFXPASSWORD% /ac TestCertificate\idrix_TestRootCA.crt /t "..\Release\Setup Files\VeraCrypt Format.exe"
signtool sign /v /a /f %PFXNAME% /p %PFXPASSWORD% /ac TestCertificate\idrix_TestRootCA.crt /t "..\Release\Setup Files\VeraCryptExpander.exe"
+signtool sign /v /a /f %PFXNAME% /p %PFXPASSWORD% /ac TestCertificate\idrix_TestRootCA.crt /t "..\Release\Setup Files\VeraCryptx-x64.exe"
+signtool sign /v /a /f %PFXNAME% /p %PFXPASSWORD% /ac TestCertificate\idrix_TestRootCA.crt /t "..\Release\Setup Files\VeraCrypt Format-x64.exe"
+signtool sign /v /a /f %PFXNAME% /p %PFXPASSWORD% /ac TestCertificate\idrix_TestRootCA.crt /t "..\Release\Setup Files\VeraCryptExpander-x64.exe"
cd "..\Release\Setup Files\"
copy /V /Y ..\..\..\Translations\*.xml .