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authorMounir IDRASSI <>2016-02-07 01:07:38 (GMT)
committerMounir IDRASSI <>2016-02-07 01:39:43 (GMT)
commitae7ec4802a81770ff164e465b8d1fb51624ca093 (patch)
tree369c0ddf810ea03ae2d1426a661b54ca5288c34c /src/Setup/SelfExtract.c
parent229bd668f414cac163d12be9a3284b79d95b4ac0 (diff)
Windows:Fix various issues and warnings reported by static code analysis tool Coverity.
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1 files changed, 15 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/src/Setup/SelfExtract.c b/src/Setup/SelfExtract.c
index 7269801..42326ef 100644
--- a/src/Setup/SelfExtract.c
+++ b/src/Setup/SelfExtract.c
@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@ static int CompressBuffer (char *out, char *in, int len)
startupInfo.hStdError = hChildStdoutWrite;
- StringCbCopyW (szGzipCmd, sizeof (szGzipCmd), L"gzip --best");
+ StringCchCopyW (szGzipCmd, ARRAYSIZE (szGzipCmd), L"gzip --best");
if (!CreateProcess (NULL, szGzipCmd, NULL, NULL, TRUE, 0, NULL, NULL, &startupInfo, &procInfo))
PkgError (L"Error: Cannot run gzip.\n\nBefore you can create a self-extracting VeraCrypt package, you need to have the open-source 'gzip' compression tool placed in any directory in the search path for executable files (for example, in 'C:\\Windows\\').\n\nNote: gzip can be freely downloaded e.g. from");
@@ -256,8 +256,8 @@ BOOL MakeSelfExtractingPackage (HWND hwndDlg, wchar_t *szDestDir)
GetModuleFileName (NULL, inputFile, ARRAYSIZE (inputFile));
- StringCbCopyW (outputFile, sizeof(outputFile), szDestDir);
- StringCbCatW (outputFile, sizeof(outputFile), OutputPackageFile);
+ StringCchCopyW (outputFile, ARRAYSIZE(outputFile), szDestDir);
+ StringCchCatW (outputFile, ARRAYSIZE(outputFile), OutputPackageFile);
// Clone 'VeraCrypt Setup.exe' to create the base of the new self-extracting archive
@@ -378,6 +378,16 @@ BOOL MakeSelfExtractingPackage (HWND hwndDlg, wchar_t *szDestDir)
// Compress all the files and meta data in the buffer to create a solid archive
+ // Test to make Coverity happy. It will always be false
+ if (uncompressedDataLen >= (INT_MAX - 524288))
+ {
+ if (_wremove (outputFile))
+ PkgError (L"Cannot allocate memory for compressed data.\nFailed also to delete package file");
+ else
+ PkgError (L"Cannot allocate memory for compressed data");
+ goto err;
+ }
compressedBuffer = malloc (uncompressedDataLen + 524288); // + 512K reserve
if (compressedBuffer == NULL)
@@ -745,8 +755,8 @@ void __cdecl ExtractAllFilesThread (void *hwndDlg)
// Filename
StringCchCopyNW (fileName, ARRAYSIZE(fileName), Decompressed_Files[fileNo].fileName, Decompressed_Files[fileNo].fileNameLength);
- StringCbCopyW (filePath, sizeof(filePath), DestExtractPath);
- StringCbCatW (filePath, sizeof(filePath), fileName);
+ StringCchCopyW (filePath, ARRAYSIZE(filePath), DestExtractPath);
+ StringCchCatW (filePath, ARRAYSIZE(filePath), fileName);
StatusMessageParam (hwndDlg, "EXTRACTING_VERB", filePath);