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New sys enc wizard (#957)SysEncWizardPR957
* New VeraCrypt interface (for system encryption) with improved usability * System Encryption: translate password to US keyboard layout + improved new interface * Windows: Fix build error following merge * Windows: Remove unused variable * Windows: Add missing string in Language.xml * Windows: fix buffer overrun caused by wrong use of wmemset * Do not delete password file Since the file is only available in \Release\Setup Files\ it would be fully deleted after running this script the first time. * Correct return code Originally the function would have always returned the return-code 1 resulting that the user is not able to change the location for the rescue zip. * Added hint for sysenc Added a hint why the field for repeating the password is initially greyed out within the system encryption. * Corrected spelling mistake Corrected spelling mistake * Removed not working copy job The file to be copied was stored at the source location. Therefore the copyjob will not work. Instead the file is already in the target folder. * Removed RIPEMD-160 from Product64.wxs See commit from 21.03.2022 * Added german translation for new interface * Fixed PIM bug * Corrected translation file based on the guidelines within the pull request * Fixing merge conflicts * Fixed Compiling issues. Reverted keyboard translation * Removed artifacts of password translation * Corrected language.xml * Fixed order within german language file * Corrected positions Co-authored-by: Bruna2803 <> Co-authored-by: felixreichmann <> Co-authored-by: Mounir IDRASSI <>
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