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new xml Tag for en and de (#708)
* new xml Tag for en and de * add linux support for env LANG * precopiled header into TrueCrypt.fdp to substitute '_()' with 'LangString[]' * more LangString in Code * add Language xml's to Linux Setup location * backup language for linux is en * remove Language.en.xml install * rearange new xml lines to end * yes/no dialogs now translated * All OK/Cancel Button now support international Co-authored-by: <>
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diff --git a/src/Main/Forms/VolumeFormatOptionsWizardPage.cpp b/src/Main/Forms/VolumeFormatOptionsWizardPage.cpp
index d3bd5216..8d632059 100644
--- a/src/Main/Forms/VolumeFormatOptionsWizardPage.cpp
+++ b/src/Main/Forms/VolumeFormatOptionsWizardPage.cpp
@@ -20,9 +20,7 @@ namespace VeraCrypt
VolumeFormatOptionsWizardPage::VolumeFormatOptionsWizardPage (wxPanel* parent, uint64 filesystemSize, uint32 sectorSize, bool enableQuickFormatButton, bool disableNoneFilesystem, bool disable32bitFilesystems)
: VolumeFormatOptionsWizardPageBase (parent)
- InfoStaticText->SetLabel (_(
- "In order to enable your operating system to mount your new volume, it has to be formatted with a filesystem. Please select a filesystem type.\n\nIf your volume is going to be hosted on a device or partition, you can use 'Quick format' to skip encryption of free space of the volume."));
+ InfoStaticText->SetLabel ( LangString["QUICK_FORMAT_HELP"] );
if (!disableNoneFilesystem)
FilesystemTypeChoice->Append (LangString["NONE"], (void *) VolumeCreationOptions::FilesystemType::None);