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Windows: Better handling of quick format for file container
We write a zeroed sector every 128 MiB, leaving other sectors untouched This helps users visualize the progress of actual file creation while forcing Windows to allocate the disk space of each 128 MiB chunk immediately, otherwise, Windows would delay the allocation until we write the backup header at the end of the volume which would make the user think that the format process has stalled after progress bar reaches 100%.
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diff --git a/src/Format/InPlace.h b/src/Format/InPlace.h
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--- a/src/Format/InPlace.h
+++ b/src/Format/InPlace.h
@@ -43,7 +43,6 @@ static int DismountFileSystem (HWND hwndDlg, HANDLE dev, int driveLetter, BOOL b
static int ConcealNTFS (HANDLE dev);
BOOL SaveNonSysInPlaceEncSettings (int delta, WipeAlgorithmId wipeAlgorithm, BOOL bDecrypting);
static void ExportProgressStats (__int64 bytesDone, __int64 totalSize);
-BOOL MoveFilePointer (HANDLE dev, LARGE_INTEGER offset);
int ZeroUnreadableSectors (HANDLE dev, LARGE_INTEGER startOffset, int64 size, int sectorSize, uint64 *zeroedSectorCount);
static int OpenBackupHeader (HANDLE dev, const wchar_t *devicePath, Password *password, int pkcs5, int pim, PCRYPTO_INFO *retCryptoInfo, CRYPTO_INFO *headerCryptoInfo, __int64 deviceSize);
BOOL MoveClustersBeforeThreshold (HANDLE volumeHandle, PWSTR volumeDevicePath, int64 clusterThreshold);