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Windows: Possible workaround for logarithmic slowdown for Encrypt-In-Place on large volumes (relates to #1063)
We replace absolute file pointer moving by relative moving with respect to current position. This was implemented as a workaround to address the performance issues related to in-place encryption. When using SetFilePointerEx() with FILE_BEGIN as the reference point, reaching the end of large drives during in-place encryption can cause significant slowdowns. By moving the file pointer relatively, these performance issues are mitigated.
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diff --git a/src/Format/InPlace.h b/src/Format/InPlace.h
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--- a/src/Format/InPlace.h
+++ b/src/Format/InPlace.h
@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ static int DismountFileSystem (HWND hwndDlg, HANDLE dev, int driveLetter, BOOL b
static int ConcealNTFS (HANDLE dev);
BOOL SaveNonSysInPlaceEncSettings (int delta, WipeAlgorithmId wipeAlgorithm, BOOL bDecrypting);
static void ExportProgressStats (__int64 bytesDone, __int64 totalSize);
+BOOL MoveFilePointer (HANDLE dev, LARGE_INTEGER offset);
int ZeroUnreadableSectors (HANDLE dev, LARGE_INTEGER startOffset, int64 size, int sectorSize, uint64 *zeroedSectorCount);
static int OpenBackupHeader (HANDLE dev, const wchar_t *devicePath, Password *password, int pkcs5, int pim, PCRYPTO_INFO *retCryptoInfo, CRYPTO_INFO *headerCryptoInfo, __int64 deviceSize);
BOOL MoveClustersBeforeThreshold (HANDLE volumeHandle, PWSTR volumeDevicePath, int64 clusterThreshold);