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authorMounir IDRASSI <>2017-06-20 17:43:35 +0200
committerMounir IDRASSI <>2017-06-21 01:39:55 +0200
commit70097ecfe54a9630e1e77fdc30204a5460228193 (patch)
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Crypto: Add optimized Camellia assembly implementation for x86_64 based on work by Jussi Kivilinna ( This improve speed by a factor of 2.5 when AES-NI supported by CPU and by 30% if AES-NI not supported.
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diff --git a/src/Crypto/cpu.h b/src/Crypto/cpu.h
index 05ce9d8f..68041190 100644
--- a/src/Crypto/cpu.h
+++ b/src/Crypto/cpu.h
@@ -196,6 +196,8 @@ extern int g_hasSSSE3;
extern int g_hasAESNI;
extern int g_hasCLMUL;
extern int g_isP4;
+extern int g_isIntel;
+extern int g_isAMD;
extern uint32 g_cacheLineSize;
void DetectX86Features(); // must be called at the start of the program/driver
int CpuId(uint32 input, uint32 *output);
@@ -225,6 +227,8 @@ extern int g_hasMMX;
#define HasAESNI() g_hasAESNI
#define HasCLMUL() g_hasCLMUL
#define IsP4() g_isP4
+#define IsCpuIntel() g_isIntel
+#define IsCpuAMD() g_isAMD
#define GetCacheLineSize() g_cacheLineSize
#if defined(__cplusplus)