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Update release notes for 1.23-BETA7
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<li>Support EFI system encryption on Windows LTSB.</li>
<li>Add compatibility of system encryption with Windows 10 upgrade using ReflectDrivers mechanism</li>
<li>Make EFI Rescue Disk decrypt partition correctly when Windows Repair overwrites first partition sector.</li>
-<li>Add Driver option in the UI to explicitly allow Windows 10 defragmenter to see VeraCrypt encrypted disks.</li>
+<li>Add Driver option in the UI to explicitly allow Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 defragmenter to see VeraCrypt encrypted disks.</li>
<li>Add internal verification of binaries embedded signature to protect against some types to tampering attacks.</li>
<li>Fix Secure Desktop not working for favorites set to mount at logon on Windows 10 under some circumstances.</li>
<li>when Secure Desktop is enabled, use it for Mount Options dialog if it is displayed before password dialog.</li>
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<li>Display a balloon tip warning message when text pasted to password field is longer than maximum length and so it will be truncated.</li>
<li>Implement language selection mechanism at the start of the installer to make easier for international users.</li>
<li>Add check on size of file container during creation to ensure it's smaller than available free disk space.</li>
+<li>Fix buttons at the bottom not shown when user sets a large system font under Window 7.</li>
+<li>Fix compatibility issues with some disk drivers that don't support IOCTL_DISK_GET_DRIVE_GEOMETRY_EX ioctl.</li>