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Windows: continue fix documentation about iteration calculation formula for key derivation
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<p>When a <a href="Personal%20Iterations%20Multiplier%20%28PIM%29.html">
PIM </a>value is given by the user, the number of iterations of the key derivation function is calculated as follows:</p>
-<li>For system partition encryption (boot encryption): Iterations = <strong>PIM x 2048</strong>
-</li><li>For standard containers and other partitions: Iterations = <strong>15000 &#43; (PIM x 1000)</strong>
+<li>For system encryption that doesn't use SHA-512 or Whirlpool: Iterations = <strong>PIM x 2048</strong>
+</li><li>For system encryption that uses SHA-512 or Whirlpool, non-system encryption and file containers: Iterations = <strong>15000 &#43; (PIM x 1000)</strong>
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