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<li>Allow system encrypted drive to be mounted in WindowsPE even if changing keyboard layout fails (reported and fixed by Sven Strickroth)</li>
<li>Enhancements to the mechanism preserving file timestamps, especially for keyfiles.</li>
<li>Fix RDRAND instruction not detected on AMD CPUs.</li>
-<li>Detect cases where RDRAND is flawed (e.g. AMD Ryzen) to avoid using it if enabled by user</li>.
+<li>Detect cases where RDRAND is flawed (e.g. AMD Ryzen) to avoid using it if enabled by user.</li>
<li>Don't write extra 0x00 byte at the end of DcsProp file when modifying it through UI</li>
<li>Reduce memory usage of IOCTL_DISK_VERIFY handler used in disk verification by Windows.</li>
<li>Add switch /FastCreateFile for VeraCrypt Format.exe to speedup creation of large file container if quick format is selected.</li>