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Supported versions of operating systems

For those seeking support for the TrueCrypt format, please visit dedicated page for VeraCrypt version 1.25.9.

Latest Stable Release - 1.26.7 (Sunday October 1st, 2023)

Previous Versions Archives

The packages and installers of all previous VeraCrypt versions can be found at

Important Notice for VeraCrypt RPM Packages

VeraCrypt signs its RPM packages using the standard RPM signature mechanism which embedds the signature into the packages. This makes verification easier for users. Follow these steps to ensure secure installation:

  1. Import VeraCrypt GPG Public Key: In a terminal window, use the following command to import the VeraCrypt GPG public key:
    sudo rpm --import
    This process will display the key's fingerprint and ask for your confirmation before adding the key.
  2. Validate the Key's Fingerprint: During the key import process, carefully verify that the displayed fingerprint matches the official VeraCrypt fingerprint:
    5069 A233 D55A 0EEB 174A 5FC3 821A CD02 680D 16DE
    This step is vital for your security. Do not proceed if the fingerprints do not match.

🔒 By following these steps, you help ensure the integrity of the software you install, safeguarding your system from potential threats.

Remember, your security is paramount. Always verify the authenticity of your downloads.


What are PGP signatures?

PGP Public Key: (ID=0x680D16DE, Fingerprint=5069A233D55A0EEB174A5FC3821ACD02680D16DE)