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+ Legal Notice: Some portions of the source code contained in this file were
+ derived from the source code of Encryption for the Masses 2.02a, which is
+ Copyright (c) 1998-2000 Paul Le Roux and which is governed by the 'License
+ Agreement for Encryption for the Masses'. Modifications and additions to
+ the original source code (contained in this file) and all other portions
+ of this file are Copyright (c) 2003-2011 TrueCrypt Developers Association
+ and are governed by the TrueCrypt License 3.0 the full text of which is
+ contained in the file License.txt included in TrueCrypt binary and source
+ code distribution packages. */
+#include "Common.h"
+#include "EncryptedIoQueue.h"
+/* This structure is used to start new threads */
+typedef struct _THREAD_BLOCK_
+ PDEVICE_OBJECT DeviceObject;
+ NTSTATUS ntCreateStatus;
+ WCHAR wszMountVolume[TC_MAX_PATH + 8];
+ MOUNT_STRUCT *mount;
+/* This structure is allocated for non-root devices! WARNING: bRootDevice
+ must be the first member of the structure! */
+typedef struct EXTENSION
+ BOOL bRootDevice; /* Is this the root device ? which the user-mode apps talk to */
+ BOOL IsVolumeDevice;
+ BOOL IsDriveFilterDevice;
+ BOOL IsVolumeFilterDevice;
+ int UniqueVolumeId;
+ int nDosDriveNo; /* Drive number this extension is mounted against */
+ BOOL bShuttingDown; /* Is the driver shutting down ? */
+ BOOL bThreadShouldQuit; /* Instruct per device worker thread to quit */
+ PETHREAD peThread; /* Thread handle */
+ KEVENT keCreateEvent; /* Device creation event */
+ KSPIN_LOCK ListSpinLock; /* IRP spinlock */
+ LIST_ENTRY ListEntry; /* IRP listentry */
+ KSEMAPHORE RequestSemaphore; /* IRP list request Semaphore */
+ HANDLE hDeviceFile; /* Device handle for this device */
+ PFILE_OBJECT pfoDeviceFile; /* Device fileobject for this device */
+ PDEVICE_OBJECT pFsdDevice; /* lower level device handle */
+ CRYPTO_INFO *cryptoInfo; /* Cryptographic and other information for this device */
+ __int64 HostLength;
+ __int64 DiskLength; /* The length of the disk referred to by this device */
+ __int64 NumberOfCylinders; /* Partition info */
+ ULONG TracksPerCylinder; /* Partition info */
+ ULONG SectorsPerTrack; /* Partition info */
+ ULONG BytesPerSector; /* Partition info */
+ UCHAR PartitionType; /* Partition info */
+ uint32 HostBytesPerSector;
+ KEVENT keVolumeEvent; /* Event structure used when setting up a device */
+ EncryptedIoQueue Queue;
+ BOOL bReadOnly; /* Is this device read-only ? */
+ BOOL bRemovable; /* Is this device removable media ? */
+ BOOL PartitionInInactiveSysEncScope;
+ BOOL bRawDevice; /* Is this a raw-partition or raw-floppy device ? */
+ BOOL bMountManager; /* Mount manager knows about volume */
+ BOOL SystemFavorite;
+ WCHAR wszVolume[TC_MAX_PATH]; /* DONT change this size without also changing MOUNT_LIST_STRUCT! */
+ LARGE_INTEGER fileCreationTime;
+ LARGE_INTEGER fileLastAccessTime;
+ LARGE_INTEGER fileLastWriteTime;
+ LARGE_INTEGER fileLastChangeTime;
+ BOOL bTimeStampValid;
+ PSID UserSid;
+ BOOL SecurityClientContextValid;
+ SECURITY_CLIENT_CONTEXT SecurityClientContext;
+typedef enum
+ ValidateInput,
+ ValidateOutput,
+ ValidateInputOutput
+} ValidateIOBufferSizeType;
+extern PDRIVER_OBJECT TCDriverObject;
+extern PDEVICE_OBJECT RootDeviceObject;
+extern BOOL DriverShuttingDown;
+extern ULONG OsMajorVersion;
+extern ULONG OsMinorVersion;
+extern BOOL VolumeClassFilterRegistered;
+extern BOOL CacheBootPassword;
+/* Helper macro returning x seconds in units of 100 nanoseconds */
+#define WAIT_SECONDS(x) ((x)*10000000)
+NTSTATUS DriverEntry (PDRIVER_OBJECT DriverObject, PUNICODE_STRING RegistryPath);
+NTSTATUS DriverAddDevice (PDRIVER_OBJECT driverObject, PDEVICE_OBJECT pdo);
+void DumpMemory (void *memory, int size);
+BOOL IsAccessibleByUser (PUNICODE_STRING objectFileName, BOOL readOnly);
+NTSTATUS ProcessMainDeviceControlIrp (PDEVICE_OBJECT DeviceObject, PEXTENSION Extension, PIRP Irp);
+NTSTATUS ProcessVolumeDeviceControlIrp (PDEVICE_OBJECT DeviceObject, PEXTENSION Extension, PIRP Irp);
+NTSTATUS SendDeviceIoControlRequest (PDEVICE_OBJECT deviceObject, ULONG ioControlCode, void *inputBuffer, int inputBufferSize, void *outputBuffer, int outputBufferSize);
+NTSTATUS TCCreateRootDeviceObject (PDRIVER_OBJECT DriverObject);
+NTSTATUS TCCreateDeviceObject (PDRIVER_OBJECT DriverObject, PDEVICE_OBJECT * ppDeviceObject, MOUNT_STRUCT * mount);
+NTSTATUS TCReadDevice (PDEVICE_OBJECT deviceObject, PVOID buffer, LARGE_INTEGER offset, ULONG length);
+NTSTATUS TCWriteDevice (PDEVICE_OBJECT deviceObject, PVOID buffer, LARGE_INTEGER offset, ULONG length);
+NTSTATUS TCStartThread (PKSTART_ROUTINE threadProc, PVOID threadArg, PKTHREAD *kThread);
+NTSTATUS TCStartThreadInProcess (PKSTART_ROUTINE threadProc, PVOID threadArg, PKTHREAD *kThread, PEPROCESS process);
+NTSTATUS TCStartVolumeThread (PDEVICE_OBJECT DeviceObject, PEXTENSION Extension, MOUNT_STRUCT * mount);
+void TCStopThread (PKTHREAD kThread, PKEVENT wakeUpEvent);
+void TCStopVolumeThread (PDEVICE_OBJECT DeviceObject, PEXTENSION Extension);
+VOID VolumeThreadProc (PVOID Context);
+void TCSleep (int milliSeconds);
+void TCGetNTNameFromNumber (LPWSTR ntname, int nDriveNo);
+void TCGetDosNameFromNumber (LPWSTR dosname, int nDriveNo);
+LPWSTR TCTranslateCode (ULONG ulCode);
+void TCDeleteDeviceObject (PDEVICE_OBJECT DeviceObject, PEXTENSION Extension);
+VOID TCUnloadDriver (PDRIVER_OBJECT DriverObject);
+void OnShutdownPending ();
+NTSTATUS TCDeviceIoControl (PWSTR deviceName, ULONG IoControlCode, void *InputBuffer, ULONG InputBufferSize, void *OutputBuffer, ULONG OutputBufferSize);
+NTSTATUS TCOpenFsVolume (PEXTENSION Extension, PHANDLE volumeHandle, PFILE_OBJECT * fileObject);
+void TCCloseFsVolume (HANDLE volumeHandle, PFILE_OBJECT fileObject);
+NTSTATUS TCFsctlCall (PFILE_OBJECT fileObject, LONG IoControlCode, void *InputBuffer, int InputBufferSize, void *OutputBuffer, int OutputBufferSize);
+NTSTATUS CreateDriveLink (int nDosDriveNo);
+NTSTATUS RemoveDriveLink (int nDosDriveNo);
+NTSTATUS MountManagerMount (MOUNT_STRUCT *mount);
+NTSTATUS MountManagerUnmount (int nDosDriveNo);
+NTSTATUS MountDevice (PDEVICE_OBJECT deviceObject, MOUNT_STRUCT *mount);
+NTSTATUS UnmountDevice (UNMOUNT_STRUCT *unmountRequest, PDEVICE_OBJECT deviceObject, BOOL ignoreOpenFiles);
+NTSTATUS UnmountAllDevices (UNMOUNT_STRUCT *unmountRequest, BOOL ignoreOpenFiles);
+NTSTATUS SymbolicLinkToTarget (PWSTR symlinkName, PWSTR targetName, USHORT maxTargetNameLength);
+BOOL RootDeviceControlMutexAcquireNoWait ();
+void RootDeviceControlMutexRelease ();
+BOOL RegionsOverlap (unsigned __int64 start1, unsigned __int64 end1, unsigned __int64 start2, unsigned __int64 end2);
+void GetIntersection (uint64 start1, uint32 length1, uint64 start2, uint64 end2, uint64 *intersectStart, uint32 *intersectLength);
+NTSTATUS TCCompleteIrp (PIRP irp, NTSTATUS status, ULONG_PTR information);
+NTSTATUS TCCompleteDiskIrp (PIRP irp, NTSTATUS status, ULONG_PTR information);
+NTSTATUS ProbeRealDriveSize (PDEVICE_OBJECT driveDeviceObject, LARGE_INTEGER *driveSize);
+BOOL UserCanAccessDriveDevice ();
+size_t GetCpuCount ();
+void EnsureNullTerminatedString (wchar_t *str, size_t maxSizeInBytes);
+void *AllocateMemoryWithTimeout (size_t size, int retryDelay, int timeout);
+BOOL IsDriveLetterAvailable (int nDosDriveNo);
+NTSTATUS TCReadRegistryKey (PUNICODE_STRING keyPath, wchar_t *keyValueName, PKEY_VALUE_PARTIAL_INFORMATION *keyData);
+NTSTATUS TCWriteRegistryKey (PUNICODE_STRING keyPath, wchar_t *keyValueName, ULONG keyValueType, void *valueData, ULONG valueSize);
+BOOL IsVolumeClassFilterRegistered ();
+NTSTATUS ReadRegistryConfigFlags (BOOL driverEntry);
+NTSTATUS WriteRegistryConfigFlags (uint32 flags);
+BOOL ValidateIOBufferSize (PIRP irp, size_t requiredBufferSize, ValidateIOBufferSizeType type);
+NTSTATUS GetDeviceSectorSize (PDEVICE_OBJECT deviceObject, ULONG *bytesPerSector);
+NTSTATUS ZeroUnreadableSectors (PDEVICE_OBJECT deviceObject, LARGE_INTEGER startOffset, ULONG size, uint64 *zeroedSectorCount);
+NTSTATUS ReadDeviceSkipUnreadableSectors (PDEVICE_OBJECT deviceObject, byte *buffer, LARGE_INTEGER startOffset, ULONG size, uint64 *badSectorCount);
+BOOL IsVolumeAccessibleByCurrentUser (PEXTENSION volumeDeviceExtension);
+void GetElapsedTimeInit (LARGE_INTEGER *lastPerfCounter);
+int64 GetElapsedTime (LARGE_INTEGER *lastPerfCounter);
+BOOL IsOSAtLeast (OSVersionEnum reqMinOS);
+#define TC_BUG_CHECK(status) KeBugCheckEx (SECURITY_SYSTEM, __LINE__, (ULONG_PTR) status, 0, 'TC')