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+// XZip.h Version 1.3
+// Authors: Mark Adler et al. (see below)
+// Modified by: Lucian Wischik
+// Version 1.0 - Turned C files into just a single CPP file
+// - Made them compile cleanly as C++ files
+// - Gave them simpler APIs
+// - Added the ability to zip/unzip directly in memory without
+// any intermediate files
+// Modified by: Hans Dietrich
+// Lucian Wischik's comments:
+// --------------------------
+// THIS FILE is almost entirely based upon code by info-zip.
+// It has been modified by Lucian Wischik.
+// The original code may be found at
+// The original copyright text follows.
+// Original authors' comments:
+// ---------------------------
+// This is version 2002-Feb-16 of the Info-ZIP copyright and license. The
+// definitive version of this document should be available at
+// indefinitely.
+// Copyright (c) 1990-2002 Info-ZIP. All rights reserved.
+// For the purposes of this copyright and license, "Info-ZIP" is defined as
+// the following set of individuals:
+// Mark Adler, John Bush, Karl Davis, Harald Denker, Jean-Michel Dubois,
+// Jean-loup Gailly, Hunter Goatley, Ian Gorman, Chris Herborth, Dirk Haase,
+// Greg Hartwig, Robert Heath, Jonathan Hudson, Paul Kienitz,
+// David Kirschbaum, Johnny Lee, Onno van der Linden, Igor Mandrichenko,
+// Steve P. Miller, Sergio Monesi, Keith Owens, George Petrov, Greg Roelofs,
+// Kai Uwe Rommel, Steve Salisbury, Dave Smith, Christian Spieler,
+// Antoine Verheijen, Paul von Behren, Rich Wales, Mike White
+// This software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express
+// or implied. In no event shall Info-ZIP or its contributors be held liable
+// for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages
+// arising out of the use of or inability to use this software.
+// Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose,
+// including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it
+// freely, subject to the following restrictions:
+// 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice,
+// definition, disclaimer, and this list of conditions.
+// 2. Redistributions in binary form (compiled executables) must reproduce
+// the above copyright notice, definition, disclaimer, and this list of
+// conditions in documentation and/or other materials provided with the
+// distribution. The sole exception to this condition is redistribution
+// of a standard UnZipSFX binary as part of a self-extracting archive;
+// that is permitted without inclusion of this license, as long as the
+// normal UnZipSFX banner has not been removed from the binary or disabled.
+// 3. Altered versions--including, but not limited to, ports to new
+// operating systems, existing ports with new graphical interfaces, and
+// dynamic, shared, or static library versions--must be plainly marked
+// as such and must not be misrepresented as being the original source.
+// Such altered versions also must not be misrepresented as being
+// Info-ZIP releases--including, but not limited to, labeling of the
+// altered versions with the names "Info-ZIP" (or any variation thereof,
+// including, but not limited to, different capitalizations),
+// "Pocket UnZip", "WiZ" or "MacZip" without the explicit permission of
+// Info-ZIP. Such altered versions are further prohibited from
+// misrepresentative use of the Zip-Bugs or Info-ZIP e-mail addresses or
+// of the Info-ZIP URL(s).
+// 4. Info-ZIP retains the right to use the names "Info-ZIP", "Zip", "UnZip",
+// "UnZipSFX", "WiZ", "Pocket UnZip", "Pocket Zip", and "MacZip" for its
+// own source and binary releases.
+#ifndef XZIP_H
+#define XZIP_H
+// ZIP functions -- for creating zip files
+// This file is a repackaged form of the Info-Zip source code available
+// at The original copyright notice may be found in
+// zip.cpp. The repackaging was done by Lucian Wischik to simplify its
+// use in Windows/C++.
+#ifndef XUNZIP_H
+DECLARE_HANDLE(HZIP); // An HZIP identifies a zip file that is being created
+typedef DWORD ZRESULT; // result codes from any of the zip functions. Listed later.
+// flag values passed to some functions
+#define ZIP_HANDLE 1
+#define ZIP_FILENAME 2
+#define ZIP_MEMORY 3
+#define ZIP_FOLDER 4
+// CreateZip()
+// Purpose: Create a zip archive file
+// Parameters: z - archive file name if flags is ZIP_FILENAME; for other
+// uses see below
+// len - for memory (ZIP_MEMORY) should be the buffer size;
+// for other uses, should be 0
+// flags - indicates usage, see below; for files, this will be
+// Returns: HZIP - non-zero if zip archive created ok, otherwise 0
+HZIP CreateZip(void *z, unsigned int len, DWORD flags);
+// CreateZip - call this to start the creation of a zip file.
+// As the zip is being created, it will be stored somewhere:
+// to a pipe: CreateZip(hpipe_write, 0,ZIP_HANDLE);
+// in a file (by handle): CreateZip(hfile, 0,ZIP_HANDLE);
+// in a file (by name): CreateZip("c:\\", 0,ZIP_FILENAME);
+// in memory: CreateZip(buf, len,ZIP_MEMORY);
+// or in pagefile memory: CreateZip(0, len,ZIP_MEMORY);
+// The final case stores it in memory backed by the system paging file,
+// where the zip may not exceed len bytes. This is a bit friendlier than
+// allocating memory with new[]: it won't lead to fragmentation, and the
+// memory won't be touched unless needed.
+// Note: because pipes don't allow random access, the structure of a zipfile
+// created into a pipe is slightly different from that created into a file
+// or memory. In particular, the compressed-size of the item cannot be
+// stored in the zipfile until after the item itself. (Also, for an item added
+// itself via a pipe, the uncompressed-size might not either be known until
+// after.) This is not normally a problem. But if you try to unzip via a pipe
+// as well, then the unzipper will not know these things about the item until
+// after it has been unzipped. Therefore: for unzippers which don't just write
+// each item to disk or to a pipe, but instead pre-allocate memory space into
+// which to unzip them, then either you have to create the zip not to a pipe,
+// or you have to add items not from a pipe, or at least when adding items
+// from a pipe you have to specify the length.
+// ZipAdd()
+// Purpose: Add a file to a zip archive
+// Parameters: hz - handle to an open zip archive
+// dstzn - name used inside the zip archive to identify the file
+// src - for a file (ZIP_FILENAME) this specifies the filename
+// to be added to the archive; for other uses, see below
+// len - for memory (ZIP_MEMORY) this specifies the buffer
+// length; for other uses, this should be 0
+// flags - indicates usage, see below; for files, this will be
+// Returns: ZRESULT - ZR_OK if success, otherwise some other value
+ZRESULT ZipAdd(HZIP hz, const TCHAR *dstzn, void *src, unsigned int len, DWORD flags);
+// ZipAdd - call this for each file to be added to the zip.
+// dstzn is the name that the file will be stored as in the zip file.
+// The file to be added to the zip can come
+// from a pipe: ZipAdd(hz,"file.dat", hpipe_read,0,ZIP_HANDLE);
+// from a file: ZipAdd(hz,"file.dat", hfile,0,ZIP_HANDLE);
+// from a fname: ZipAdd(hz,"file.dat", "c:\\docs\\origfile.dat",0,ZIP_FILENAME);
+// from memory: ZipAdd(hz,"subdir\\file.dat", buf,len,ZIP_MEMORY);
+// (folder): ZipAdd(hz,"subdir", 0,0,ZIP_FOLDER);
+// Note: if adding an item from a pipe, and if also creating the zip file itself
+// to a pipe, then you might wish to pass a non-zero length to the ZipAdd
+// function. This will let the zipfile store the items size ahead of the
+// compressed item itself, which in turn makes it easier when unzipping the
+// zipfile into a pipe.
+// CloseZip()
+// Purpose: Close an open zip archive
+// Parameters: hz - handle to an open zip archive
+// Returns: ZRESULT - ZR_OK if success, otherwise some other value
+ZRESULT CloseZip(HZIP hz);
+// CloseZip - the zip handle must be closed with this function.
+ZRESULT ZipGetMemory(HZIP hz, void **buf, unsigned long *len);
+// ZipGetMemory - If the zip was created in memory, via ZipCreate(0,ZIP_MEMORY),
+// then this function will return information about that memory block.
+// buf will receive a pointer to its start, and len its length.
+// Note: you can't add any more after calling this.
+unsigned int FormatZipMessage(ZRESULT code, char *buf,unsigned int len);
+// FormatZipMessage - given an error code, formats it as a string.
+// It returns the length of the error message. If buf/len points
+// to a real buffer, then it also writes as much as possible into there.
+// These are the result codes:
+#define ZR_OK 0x00000000 // nb. the pseudo-code zr-recent is never returned,
+#define ZR_RECENT 0x00000001 // but can be passed to FormatZipMessage.
+// The following come from general system stuff (e.g. files not openable)
+#define ZR_GENMASK 0x0000FF00
+#define ZR_NODUPH 0x00000100 // couldn't duplicate the handle
+#define ZR_NOFILE 0x00000200 // couldn't create/open the file
+#define ZR_NOALLOC 0x00000300 // failed to allocate some resource
+#define ZR_WRITE 0x00000400 // a general error writing to the file
+#define ZR_NOTFOUND 0x00000500 // couldn't find that file in the zip
+#define ZR_MORE 0x00000600 // there's still more data to be unzipped
+#define ZR_CORRUPT 0x00000700 // the zipfile is corrupt or not a zipfile
+#define ZR_READ 0x00000800 // a general error reading the file
+// The following come from mistakes on the part of the caller
+#define ZR_CALLERMASK 0x00FF0000
+#define ZR_ARGS 0x00010000 // general mistake with the arguments
+#define ZR_NOTMMAP 0x00020000 // tried to ZipGetMemory, but that only works on mmap zipfiles, which yours wasn't
+#define ZR_MEMSIZE 0x00030000 // the memory size is too small
+#define ZR_FAILED 0x00040000 // the thing was already failed when you called this function
+#define ZR_ENDED 0x00050000 // the zip creation has already been closed
+#define ZR_MISSIZE 0x00060000 // the indicated input file size turned out mistaken
+#define ZR_PARTIALUNZ 0x00070000 // the file had already been partially unzipped
+#define ZR_ZMODE 0x00080000 // tried to mix creating/opening a zip
+// The following come from bugs within the zip library itself
+#define ZR_BUGMASK 0xFF000000
+#define ZR_NOTINITED 0x01000000 // initialisation didn't work
+#define ZR_SEEK 0x02000000 // trying to seek in an unseekable file
+#define ZR_NOCHANGE 0x04000000 // changed its mind on storage, but not allowed
+#define ZR_FLATE 0x05000000 // an internal error in the de/inflation code
+// e.g.
+// (1) Traditional use, creating a zipfile from existing files
+// HZIP hz = CreateZip("c:\\",0,ZIP_FILENAME);
+// ZipAdd(hz,"src1.txt", "c:\\src1.txt",0,ZIP_FILENAME);
+// ZipAdd(hz,"src2.bmp", "c:\\src2_origfn.bmp",0,ZIP_FILENAME);
+// CloseZip(hz);
+// (2) Memory use, creating an auto-allocated mem-based zip file from various sources
+// HZIP hz = CreateZip(0,100000,ZIP_MEMORY);
+// // adding a conventional file...
+// ZipAdd(hz,"src1.txt", "c:\\src1.txt",0,ZIP_FILENAME);
+// // adding something from memory...
+// char buf[1000]; for (int i=0; i<1000; i++) buf[i]=(char)(i&0x7F);
+// ZipAdd(hz,"file.dat", buf,1000,ZIP_MEMORY);
+// // adding something from a pipe...
+// HANDLE hread,hwrite; CreatePipe(&hread,&write,NULL,0);
+// HANDLE hthread = CreateThread(ThreadFunc,(void*)hwrite);
+// ZipAdd(hz,"unz3.dat", hread,0,ZIP_HANDLE);
+// WaitForSingleObject(hthread,INFINITE);
+// CloseHandle(hthread); CloseHandle(hread);
+// ... meanwhile DWORD CALLBACK ThreadFunc(void *dat)
+// { HANDLE hwrite = (HANDLE)dat;
+// char buf[1000]={17};
+// DWORD writ; WriteFile(hwrite,buf,1000,&writ,NULL);
+// CloseHandle(hwrite);
+// return 0;
+// }
+// // and now that the zip is created, let's do something with it:
+// void *zbuf; unsigned long zlen; ZipGetMemory(hz,&zbuf,&zlen);
+// DWORD writ; WriteFile(hfz,zbuf,zlen,&writ,NULL);
+// CloseHandle(hfz);
+// CloseZip(hz);
+// (3) Handle use, for file handles and pipes
+// HANDLE hzread,hzwrite; CreatePipe(&hzread,&hzwrite);
+// HANDLE hthread = CreateThread(ZipReceiverThread,(void*)hread);
+// HZIP hz = ZipCreate(hzwrite,ZIP_HANDLE);
+// // ... add to it
+// CloseZip(hz);
+// CloseHandle(hzwrite);
+// WaitForSingleObject(hthread,INFINITE);
+// CloseHandle(hthread);
+// ... meanwhile DWORD CALLBACK ThreadFunc(void *dat)
+// { HANDLE hread = (HANDLE)dat;
+// char buf[1000];
+// while (true)
+// { DWORD red; ReadFile(hread,buf,1000,&red,NULL);
+// // ... and do something with this zip data we're receiving
+// if (red==0) break;
+// }
+// CloseHandle(hread);
+// return 0;
+// }
+// Now we indulge in a little skullduggery so that the code works whether
+// the user has included just zip or both zip and unzip.
+// Idea: if header files for both zip and unzip are present, then presumably
+// the cpp files for zip and unzip are both present, so we will call
+// one or the other of them based on a dynamic choice. If the header file
+// for only one is present, then we will bind to that particular one.
+HZIP CreateZipZ(void *z,unsigned int len,DWORD flags);
+ZRESULT CloseZipZ(HZIP hz);
+unsigned int FormatZipMessageZ(ZRESULT code, char *buf,unsigned int len);
+bool IsZipHandleZ(HZIP hz);
+BOOL AddFolderContent(HZIP hZip, TCHAR* AbsolutePath, TCHAR* DirToAdd);
+#define CreateZip CreateZipZ
+#ifdef XUNZIP_H
+#undef CloseZip
+#define CloseZip(hz) (IsZipHandleZ(hz)?CloseZipZ(hz):CloseZipU(hz))
+#define CloseZip CloseZipZ
+#define FormatZipMessage FormatZipMessageZ
+#endif //XZIP_H