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The source code for VeraCrypt EFI bootloader files is available at:
-Use tag "VeraCrypt_1.18" to extract the sources that were used when building VeraCrypt 1.18.
VeraCrypt-DCS uses EDK II as its UEFI development environement.
@@ -15,24 +14,4 @@ Here the steps to build VeraCrypt-DCS (Visual Studio 2010 SP1 should be installe
* change directory to DcsPkg\Library\VeraCryptLib and then type mklinks_src.bat: you will be asked to provide the path to VeraCrypt src folder.
* change directory to DcsPkg and then type dcs_bld.bat X64Rel
* After the build is finished, EFI bootloader files will be present at edk2\Build\DcsPkg\RELEASE_VS2010x86\X64
-Secure Boot:
-In order to allow VeraCrypt EFI bootloader to run when EFI Secure Boot is enabled, VeraCrypt EFI bootloader files are signed by custom key(DCS_sign)
-whose public part can be loaded into Secure Boot to allow verification of VeraCrypt EFI files.
-to update Secure Boot configuration steps:
-1. Run the tool dumpEfiVars ( to dump the SecureBoot data.
-2. Go through all folders created by dumpEfiVars (other than "77fa9abd-0359-4d32-bd60-28f4e78f784b" and "SigLists") and note the file names of the certificates created inside the folders (.der extension).
-3. Enter BIOS configuration
-4. Switch Secure boot to setup mode (or custom mode or clear keys). It deletes PK (platform certificate) and allows to load DCS platform key.
-5. Boot Windows
-6. Edit the file sb_set_siglists.ps1 and uncomment the lines related to the manufacturer of the machine and which reference the certfiicates names gethered from step 2.
-5. execute from admin command prompt
- powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File sb_set_siglists.ps1
-It sets in PK (platform key) - DCS_platform
-It sets in KEK (key exchange key) - DCS_key_exchange
-It sets in db - DCS_sign MicWinProPCA2011_2011-10-19 MicCorUEFCA2011_2011-06-27 and the other certificates specific to your machine.
-All DCS modules are protected by DCS_sign.
-All Windows modules are protected by MicWinProPCA2011_2011-10-19
-All SHIM(linux) modules are protected by MicCorUEFCA2011_2011-06-27 \ No newline at end of file
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