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Also, there are other entries whose name start with &quot;#{&quot; and &quot;\??\Volume{&quot;: double click on each one of them and remove the ones whose data value contains the name &quot;VeraCrypt&quot; and &quot;TrueCrypt&quot;.
+<li>On some Windows machines, VeraCrypt may hang intermittently when mounting or dismounting a volume. Similar hanging may affect other running applications during veraCrypt mounting or dismounting operations.
+This issue is caused by a conflict between VeraCrypt waiting dialog displayed during mount/dismount operations and other software installed on the machine (e.g. Outpost Firewall Pro).
+In such situations, the issue can be solved by disabling VeraCrypt waiting dialog in the Preferences: use menu "Settings -> Preferences" and check the option "Don't show wait message dialog when performing operations".
<h3 id="limitations">Limitations</h3>
<li>[<em>Note: This limitation does not apply to users of Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.</em>] On Windows XP/2003, VeraCrypt does not support encrypting an entire system drive that contains extended (logical) partitions. You can encrypt an entire