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<entry lang="zh-hk" key="AFTER_UPGRADE_RESCUE_DISK">It is strongly recommended that you create a new VeraCrypt Rescue Disk (which will contain the new version of the VeraCrypt Boot Loader) by selecting 'System' &gt; 'Create Rescue Disk'.\nDo you want to do it now?</entry>
<entry lang="zh-hk" key="IDC_ALLOW_TRIM_NONSYS_SSD">非系統的 SSD 分區/磁碟可執行 TRIM 指令</entry>
<entry lang="zh-hk" key="IDC_BLOCK_SYSENC_TRIM">Block TRIM command on system partition/drive</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="WINDOWS_EFI_BOOT_LOADER_MISSING">ERROR: Windows EFI system loader could not be located on the disk. Operation will be aborted.</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="SYSENC_EFI_UNSUPPORTED_SECUREBOOT">It is currently not possible to encrypt a system if SecureBoot is enabled and if VeraCrypt custom keys are not loaded into the machine firmware. SecureBoot needs to be disabled in the BIOS configuration in order to allow system encryption to proceed.</entry>
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