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<entry lang="zh-cn" key="CONFIRM_ALLOW_WINDOWS_DEFRAG">警告:对非系统分区/驱动器进行碎片整理可能会泄漏有关其内容的元数据,或导致它们可能包含的隐藏卷出现问题。\n\n是否继续?</entry>
<entry lang="zh-cn" key="VIRTUAL_DEVICE">虚拟设备</entry>
<entry lang="zh-cn" key="MOUNTED_VOLUME_NOT_ASSOCIATED">选中的已挂载卷与它在Windows中的盘符不相符,因此无法在Windows资源管理器中打开。</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="IDC_CLEAR_KEYS_ON_NEW_DEVICE_INSERTION">Clear encryption keys from memory if a new device is inserted</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="CLEAR_KEYS_ON_DEVICE_INSERTION_WARNING">IMPORTANT NOTES:\n - Please keep in mind that this option will not persist after a shutdown/reboot so you will need to select it again next time the machine is started.\n\n - With this option enabled and after a new device is connected, the machine will freeze and it will eventually crash with a BSOD since Windows can not access the encrypted disk after its keys are cleared from memory.\n</entry>
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<xs:element name="VeraCrypt">