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<string lang="fr" key="DCSPROP_XML_VALIDATION_FAILED">ATTENTION: échec de la validation du format XML du fichier de configuration du chargeur de démarrage. Merci de vérifier vos modifications.</string>
<control lang="fr" key="IDT_ADVANCED_OPTIONS">Options Avancées</control>
<string lang="en" key="AFTER_UPGRADE_RESCUE_DISK">It is strongly recommended that you create a new VeraCrypt Rescue Disk (which will contain the new version of the VeraCrypt Boot Loader) by selecting 'System' > 'Create Rescue Disk'.\nDo you want to do it now?</string>
+ <control lang="fr" key="IDC_ALLOW_TRIM_NONSYS_SSD">Autoriser la commande TRIM sur les disques SSD non système</control>
<!-- XML Schema -->
<xs:schema attributeFormDefault="unqualified" elementFormDefault="qualified" xmlns:xs="">