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authorMounir IDRASSI <>2019-01-30 11:48:07 +0100
committerMounir IDRASSI <>2019-02-01 00:35:33 +0100
commit3c18d54d1e3f10462ccdb2d44f220db1ee021477 (patch)
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Windows driver: replace SHA512 by RIPEMD160 when calculating internal hash of master key to avoid calling KeSaveFloatingPointState/KeSaveExtendedProcessorState since SHA512 implementation uses SSE2/AVX and RIPEMD160 is pure C
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diff --git a/src/Common/Crypto.h b/src/Common/Crypto.h
index 27bc723f..a362f5d1 100644
--- a/src/Common/Crypto.h
+++ b/src/Common/Crypto.h
@@ -246,7 +246,7 @@ typedef struct CRYPTO_INFO_t
uint16 HeaderVersion;
- unsigned __int8 master_keydata_hash[SHA512_DIGESTSIZE];
+ unsigned __int8 master_keydata_hash[RIPEMD160_DIGESTSIZE];
CRYPTOPP_ALIGN_DATA(16) unsigned __int8 master_keydata[MASTER_KEYDATA_SIZE]; /* This holds the volume header area containing concatenated master key(s) and secondary key(s) (XTS mode). For LRW (deprecated/legacy), it contains the tweak key before the master key(s). For CBC (deprecated/legacy), it contains the IV seed before the master key(s). */
CRYPTOPP_ALIGN_DATA(16) unsigned __int8 k2[MASTER_KEYDATA_SIZE]; /* For XTS, this contains the secondary key (if cascade, multiple concatenated). For LRW (deprecated/legacy), it contains the tweak key. For CBC (deprecated/legacy), it contains the IV seed. */
diff --git a/src/Common/Volumes.c b/src/Common/Volumes.c
index 111a2287..53734abb 100644
--- a/src/Common/Volumes.c
+++ b/src/Common/Volumes.c
@@ -529,11 +529,12 @@ KeyReady: ;
memcpy (keyInfo.master_keydata, header + HEADER_MASTER_KEYDATA_OFFSET, MASTER_KEYDATA_SIZE);
- sha512_ctx sha2;
- sha512_begin (&sha2);
- sha512_hash (keyInfo.master_keydata, MASTER_KEYDATA_SIZE, &sha2);
- sha512_hash (header, sizeof(header), &sha2);
- sha512_end (cryptoInfo->master_keydata_hash, &sha2);
+ RMD160_CTX ctx;
+ RMD160Init (&ctx);
+ RMD160Update (&ctx, keyInfo.master_keydata, MASTER_KEYDATA_SIZE);
+ RMD160Update (&ctx, header, sizeof(header));
+ RMD160Final (cryptoInfo->master_keydata_hash, &ctx);
+ burn(&ctx, sizeof (ctx));
memcpy (cryptoInfo->master_keydata, keyInfo.master_keydata, MASTER_KEYDATA_SIZE);