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Windows: workaround freezing of waiting dialog but setting its parent to the desktop and making all mount calls in a separate thread. DeviceIoControl is making our like hard because it doesn't behave as a normal system call and it blocks our window message loop even when called from a separate thread.
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diff --git a/src/Mount/Mount.h b/src/Mount/Mount.h
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--- a/src/Mount/Mount.h
+++ b/src/Mount/Mount.h
@@ -113,8 +113,17 @@ static BOOL HandleDriveListMouseWheelEvent (UINT uMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lPa
#ifdef __cplusplus
+typedef struct
+ BOOL systemFavorites;
+ BOOL logOnMount;
+ BOOL hotKeyMount;
+ VeraCrypt::FavoriteVolume* favoriteVolumeToMount;
+} mountFavoriteVolumeThreadParam;
void SetDriverConfigurationFlag (uint32 flag, BOOL state);
BOOL MountFavoriteVolumes (BOOL systemFavorites = FALSE, BOOL logOnMount = FALSE, BOOL hotKeyMount = FALSE, const VeraCrypt::FavoriteVolume &favoriteVolumeToMount = VeraCrypt::FavoriteVolume());
+void __cdecl mountFavoriteVolumeThreadFunction (void *pArg);
BOOL GetExecutableImageInformation (const string &path, string &version, string &description, string &companyName, string &productName);