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Linux/MacOSX: Update command line help text to reflect that we can now specify in filesystem when creating a new volume.
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@@ -1164,9 +1164,8 @@ namespace VeraCrypt
" Filesystem type to mount. The TYPE argument is passed to mount(8) command\n"
" with option -t. Default type is 'auto'. When creating a new volume, this\n"
- " option specifies the filesystem to be created on the new volume (only 'FAT'\n"
- " and 'none' TYPE is allowed). Filesystem type 'none' disables mounting or\n"
- " creating a filesystem.\n"
+ " option specifies the filesystem to be created on the new volume.\n"
+ " Filesystem type 'none' disables mounting or creating a filesystem.\n"
" Force mounting of a volume in use, dismounting of a volume in use, or\n"