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authorMounir IDRASSI <>2015-07-19 09:30:57 +0200
committerMounir IDRASSI <>2015-07-19 11:29:47 +0200
commit4fcf5c921c2fa8ca9d793f502ad510da2013a4d3 (patch)
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parent515895342820a9d0a35391ec4d316c3782a75768 (diff)
Linux: Add "new-hash" switch for changing PRF and remove "current-hash" switch which didin't fit the change password/keyfile logic.
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diff --git a/src/Main/CommandLineInterface.cpp b/src/Main/CommandLineInterface.cpp
index c3c82f42..ce8b1c70 100644
--- a/src/Main/CommandLineInterface.cpp
+++ b/src/Main/CommandLineInterface.cpp
@@ -42,7 +42,6 @@ namespace VeraCrypt
parser.AddSwitch (L"C", L"change", _("Change password or keyfiles"));
parser.AddSwitch (L"c", L"create", _("Create new volume"));
parser.AddSwitch (L"", L"create-keyfile", _("Create new keyfile"));
- parser.AddOption (L"", L"current-hash", _("Current hash algorithm for change password/keyfiles operation"));
parser.AddSwitch (L"", L"delete-token-keyfiles", _("Delete security token keyfiles"));
parser.AddSwitch (L"d", L"dismount", _("Dismount volume"));
parser.AddSwitch (L"", L"display-password", _("Display password while typing"));
@@ -63,6 +62,7 @@ namespace VeraCrypt
parser.AddSwitch (L"", L"load-preferences", _("Load user preferences"));
parser.AddSwitch (L"", L"mount", _("Mount volume interactively"));
parser.AddOption (L"m", L"mount-options", _("VeraCrypt volume mount options"));
+ parser.AddOption (L"", L"new-hash", _("New hash algorithm"));
parser.AddOption (L"", L"new-keyfiles", _("New keyfiles"));
parser.AddOption (L"", L"new-password", _("New password"));
parser.AddOption (L"", L"new-pim", _("New PIM"));
@@ -322,19 +322,19 @@ namespace VeraCrypt
throw_err (LangString["UNKNOWN_OPTION"] + L": " + str);
- if (parser.Found (L"current-hash", &str))
+ if (parser.Found (L"new-hash", &str))
- ArgCurrentHash.reset();
+ ArgNewHash.reset();
foreach (shared_ptr <Hash> hash, Hash::GetAvailableAlgorithms())
wxString hashName (hash->GetName());
wxString hashAltName (hash->GetAltName());
if (hashName.IsSameAs (str, false) || hashAltName.IsSameAs (str, false))
- ArgCurrentHash = hash;
+ ArgNewHash = hash;
- if (!ArgCurrentHash)
+ if (!ArgNewHash)
throw_err (LangString["UNKNOWN_OPTION"] + L": " + str);