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Windows: first implementation of dynamic mode
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diff --git a/src/Common/Password.h b/src/Common/Password.h
index 62fe23a7..5ccc44b3 100644
--- a/src/Common/Password.h
+++ b/src/Common/Password.h
@@ -15,6 +15,9 @@
// User text input limits
#define MIN_PASSWORD 1 // Minimum possible password length
#define MAX_PASSWORD 64 // Maximum possible password length
+#define MAX_PIN 10 // Maximum allowed digits in a PIN (enough for 32-bit value)
+#define MAX_BOOT_PIN 5 // Maximum allowed digits in a PIN for boot (enough for 16-bit value)
+#define MAX_BOOT_PIN_VALUE 65535
#define PASSWORD_LEN_WARNING 20 // Display a warning when a password is shorter than this
@@ -33,9 +36,9 @@ typedef struct
#if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(TC_WINDOWS_DRIVER)
void VerifyPasswordAndUpdate ( HWND hwndDlg , HWND hButton , HWND hPassword , HWND hVerify , unsigned char *szPassword , char *szVerify, BOOL keyFilesEnabled );
-BOOL CheckPasswordLength (HWND hwndDlg, HWND hwndItem);
+BOOL CheckPasswordLength (HWND hwndDlg, HWND hwndItem, int pin, BOOL bForBoot);
BOOL CheckPasswordCharEncoding (HWND hPassword, Password *ptrPw);
-int ChangePwd (const char *lpszVolume, Password *oldPassword, int old_pkcs5, BOOL truecryptMode, Password *newPassword, int pkcs5, int wipePassCount, HWND hwndDlg);
+int ChangePwd (const char *lpszVolume, Password *oldPassword, int old_pkcs5, int old_pin, BOOL truecryptMode, Password *newPassword, int pkcs5, int pin, int wipePassCount, HWND hwndDlg);
#endif // defined(_WIN32) && !defined(TC_WINDOWS_DRIVER)