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Windows: Support setting volume label in Explorer through mount option. Support using favorite label as label in Explorer.
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<control lang="en" key="IDT_SYSENC_KEYS_GEN_INFO">The keys, salt, and other data have been successfully generated. If you want to generate new keys, click Back and then Next. Otherwise, click Next to continue.</control>
<control lang="en" key="IDT_SYS_DEVICE">Encrypts the partition/drive where Windows is installed. Anyone who wants to gain access and use the system, read and write files, etc., will need to enter the correct password each time before Windows boots. Optionally, creates a hidden system.</control>
<control lang="en" key="IDT_SYS_PARTITION">Select this option to encrypt the partition where the currently running Windows operating system is installed.</control>
+ <control lang="en" key="IDT_VOLUME_LABEL">Volume Label in Windows:</control>
<control lang="en" key="IDT_WIPE_MODE">Wipe mode:</control>
<control lang="en" key="IDCLOSE">Close</control>
<control lang="en" key="IDC_ALLOW_ESC_PBA_BYPASS">Allow pre-boot &amp;authentication to be bypassed by pressing the Esc key (enables boot manager)</control>