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committerMounir IDRASSI <>2014-12-27 13:39:22 +0100
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Windows: use the correct window handle for creating message boxes. This became important after the introduction of the wait dialog in order to avoid having message boxes behind the wait dialog.
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diff --git a/src/Common/Dlgcode.h b/src/Common/Dlgcode.h
index b3ec7501..5af52b15 100644
--- a/src/Common/Dlgcode.h
+++ b/src/Common/Dlgcode.h
@@ -285,7 +285,7 @@ BOOL LoadSysEncSettings (HWND hwndDlg);
int LoadNonSysInPlaceEncSettings (WipeAlgorithmId *wipeAlgorithm);
void RemoveNonSysInPlaceEncNotifications (void);
void SavePostInstallTasksSettings (int command);
-void DoPostInstallTasks (void);
+void DoPostInstallTasks (HWND hwndDlg);
void InitOSVersionInfo ();
void InitApp ( HINSTANCE hInstance, char *lpszCommandLine );
void InitHelpFileName (void);
@@ -309,7 +309,7 @@ void ResetCurrentDirectory ();
BOOL BrowseFiles (HWND hwndDlg, char *stringId, char *lpszFileName, BOOL keepHistory, BOOL saveMode, wchar_t *browseFilter);
BOOL BrowseDirectories (HWND hWnd, char *lpszTitle, char *dirName);
void handleError ( HWND hwndDlg , int code );
-BOOL CheckFileStreamWriteErrors (FILE *file, const char *fileName);
+BOOL CheckFileStreamWriteErrors (HWND hwndDlg, FILE *file, const char *fileName);
void LocalizeDialog ( HWND hwnd, char *stringId );
void OpenVolumeExplorerWindow (int driveNo);
static BOOL CALLBACK CloseVolumeExplorerWindowsEnum( HWND hwnd, LPARAM driveNo);
@@ -374,38 +374,38 @@ char *GetProgramConfigPath (char *fileName);
char GetSystemDriveLetter (void);
void OpenPageHelp (HWND hwndDlg, int nPage);
void TaskBarIconDisplayBalloonTooltip (HWND hwnd, wchar_t *headline, wchar_t *text, BOOL warning);
-void InfoBalloon (char *headingStringId, char *textStringId);
-void InfoBalloonDirect (wchar_t *headingString, wchar_t *textString);
-void WarningBalloon (char *headingStringId, char *textStringId);
-void WarningBalloonDirect (wchar_t *headingString, wchar_t *textString);
-int Info (char *stringId);
-int InfoTopMost (char *stringId);
-int InfoDirect (const wchar_t *msg);
-int Warning (char *stringId);
-int WarningTopMost (char *stringId);
-int WarningDirect (const wchar_t *warnMsg);
-int Error (char *stringId);
-int ErrorDirect (const wchar_t *errMsg);
-int ErrorTopMost (char *stringId);
-int AskYesNo (char *stringId);
-int AskYesNoString (const wchar_t *str);
-int AskYesNoTopmost (char *stringId);
-int AskNoYes (char *stringId);
-int AskOkCancel (char *stringId);
-int AskWarnYesNo (char *stringId);
-int AskWarnYesNoString (const wchar_t *string);
-int AskWarnYesNoTopmost (char *stringId);
-int AskWarnYesNoStringTopmost (const wchar_t *string);
-int AskWarnNoYes (char *stringId);
-int AskWarnNoYesString (const wchar_t *string);
-int AskWarnNoYesTopmost (char *stringId);
-int AskWarnOkCancel (char *stringId);
-int AskWarnCancelOk (char *stringId);
-int AskErrYesNo (char *stringId);
-int AskErrNoYes (char *stringId);
-int AskMultiChoice (void *strings[], BOOL bBold);
+void InfoBalloon (char *headingStringId, char *textStringId, HWND hwnd);
+void InfoBalloonDirect (wchar_t *headingString, wchar_t *textString, HWND hwnd);
+void WarningBalloon (char *headingStringId, char *textStringId, HWND hwnd);
+void WarningBalloonDirect (wchar_t *headingString, wchar_t *textString, HWND hwnd);
+int Info (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int InfoTopMost (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int InfoDirect (const wchar_t *msg, HWND hwnd);
+int Warning (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int WarningTopMost (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int WarningDirect (const wchar_t *warnMsg, HWND hwnd);
+int Error (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int ErrorDirect (const wchar_t *errMsg, HWND hwnd);
+int ErrorTopMost (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int AskYesNo (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int AskYesNoString (const wchar_t *str, HWND hwnd);
+int AskYesNoTopmost (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int AskNoYes (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int AskOkCancel (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int AskWarnYesNo (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int AskWarnYesNoString (const wchar_t *string, HWND hwnd);
+int AskWarnYesNoTopmost (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int AskWarnYesNoStringTopmost (const wchar_t *string, HWND hwnd);
+int AskWarnNoYes (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int AskWarnNoYesString (const wchar_t *string, HWND hwnd);
+int AskWarnNoYesTopmost (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int AskWarnOkCancel (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int AskWarnCancelOk (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int AskErrYesNo (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int AskErrNoYes (char *stringId, HWND hwnd);
+int AskMultiChoice (void *strings[], BOOL bBold, HWND hwnd);
BOOL ConfigWriteBegin ();
-BOOL ConfigWriteEnd ();
+BOOL ConfigWriteEnd (HWND hwnd);
BOOL ConfigWriteString (char *configKey, char *configValue);
BOOL ConfigWriteInt (char *configKey, int configValue);
int ConfigReadInt (char *configKey, int defaultValue);
@@ -423,7 +423,7 @@ BOOL EnableWow64FsRedirection (BOOL enable);
BOOL RestartComputer (void);
void Applink (char *dest, BOOL bSendOS, char *extraOutput);
char *RelativePath2Absolute (char *szFileName);
-void HandleDriveNotReadyError ();
+void HandleDriveNotReadyError (HWND hwnd);
BOOL CALLBACK CloseTCWindowsEnum( HWND hwnd, LPARAM lParam);
BOOL CALLBACK FindTCWindowEnum (HWND hwnd, LPARAM lParam);
BYTE *MapResource (char *resourceType, int resourceId, PDWORD size);
@@ -449,18 +449,18 @@ BOOL GetDriveLabel (int driveNo, wchar_t *label, int labelSize);
BOOL DoDriverInstall (HWND hwndDlg);
int OpenVolume (OpenVolumeContext *context, const char *volumePath, Password *password, int pkcs5_prf, BOOL write, BOOL preserveTimestamps, BOOL useBackupHeader);
void CloseVolume (OpenVolumeContext *context);
-int ReEncryptVolumeHeader (char *buffer, BOOL bBoot, CRYPTO_INFO *cryptoInfo, Password *password, BOOL wipeMode);
+int ReEncryptVolumeHeader (HWND hwndDlg, char *buffer, BOOL bBoot, CRYPTO_INFO *cryptoInfo, Password *password, BOOL wipeMode);
BOOL IsPagingFileActive (BOOL checkNonWindowsPartitionsOnly);
BOOL IsPagingFileWildcardActive ();
BOOL DisablePagingFile ();
BOOL CALLBACK SecurityTokenPasswordDlgProc (HWND hwndDlg, UINT msg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
BOOL CALLBACK SecurityTokenKeyfileDlgProc (HWND hwndDlg, UINT msg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
-BOOL InitSecurityTokenLibrary ();
+BOOL InitSecurityTokenLibrary (HWND hwndDlg);
BOOL FileHasReadOnlyAttribute (const char *path);
BOOL IsFileOnReadOnlyFilesystem (const char *path);
-void CheckFilesystem (int driveNo, BOOL fixErrors);
+void CheckFilesystem (HWND hwndDlg, int driveNo, BOOL fixErrors);
BOOL BufferContainsString (const byte *buffer, size_t bufferSize, const char *str);
-int AskNonSysInPlaceEncryptionResume ();
+int AskNonSysInPlaceEncryptionResume (HWND hwndDlg);
BOOL RemoveDeviceWriteProtection (HWND hwndDlg, char *devicePath);
void EnableElevatedCursorChange (HWND parent);
BOOL DisableFileCompression (HANDLE file);