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Add original TrueCrypt 7.1a sources
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+ Legal Notice: Some portions of the source code contained in this file were
+ derived from the source code of Encryption for the Masses 2.02a, which is
+ Copyright (c) 1998-2000 Paul Le Roux and which is governed by the 'License
+ Agreement for Encryption for the Masses'. Modifications and additions to
+ the original source code (contained in this file) and all other portions
+ of this file are Copyright (c) 2003-2008 TrueCrypt Developers Association
+ and are governed by the TrueCrypt License 3.0 the full text of which is
+ contained in the file License.txt included in TrueCrypt binary and source
+ code distribution packages. */
+#ifndef TC_HEADER_CRC
+#define TC_HEADER_CRC
+#include "Tcdefs.h"
+#if defined(__cplusplus)
+extern "C"
+#define UPDC32(octet, crc)\
+ (unsigned __int32)((crc_32_tab[(((unsigned __int32)(crc)) ^ ((unsigned char)(octet))) & 0xff] ^ (((unsigned __int32)(crc)) >> 8)))
+unsigned __int32 GetCrc32 (unsigned char *data, int length);
+unsigned __int32 crc32int (unsigned __int32 *data);
+BOOL crc32_selftests (void);
+extern unsigned __int32 crc_32_tab[];
+#if defined(__cplusplus)
+#endif // TC_HEADER_CRC