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<li>Fix regression in Expander and Format when RAM encryption is enable that was causing volume headers to be corrupted.</li>
<li>Fix failure of Screen Readers (Accessibility support) to read UI by disabling newly introduced memory protection by default and adding a CLI switch (/protectMemory) to enable it when needed.</li>
+<li>Fix side effects related to the fix for CVE-2019-19501 which caused links in UI not to open.</li>
<li>Add switch /signalExit to support notifying <a href="" target="_blank">WAITFOR</a> Windows command when VeraCrypt.exe exits if /q was specified in CLI (cf documentation for usage).</li>
<li>Don't display mount/dismount examples in help dialog for command line in Format and Expander.</li>
<li>Documentation and translation updates.</li>