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+<h1>Choosing Passwords and Keyfiles</h1>
+<p>It is very important that you choose a good password. You must avoid choosing one that contains only a single word that can be found in a dictionary (or a combination of such words). It must not contain any names, dates of birth, account numbers, or any
+ other items that could be easy to guess. A good password is a random combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters, such as @ ^ = $ * &#43; etc. We strongly recommend choosing a password consisting of more than 20 characters (the
+ longer, the better). Short passwords are easy to crack using brute-force techniques.<br>
+To make brute-force attacks on a keyfile infeasible, the size of the keyfile must be at least 30 bytes. If a volume uses multiple keyfiles, then at least one of the keyfiles must be 30 bytes in size or larger. Note that the 30-byte limit assumes a large amount
+ of entropy in the keyfile. If the first 1024 kilobytes of a file contain only a small amount of entropy, it must not be used as a keyfile (regardless of the file size). If you are not sure what entropy means, we recommend that you let VeraCrypt generate a
+ file with random content and that you use it as a keyfile (select <em>Tools -&gt; Keyfile Generator</em>).</p>
+<p>When creating a volume, encrypting a system partition/drive, or changing passwords/keyfiles, you must not allow any third party to choose or modify the password/keyfile(s) before/while the volume is created or the password/keyfiles(s) changed. For example,
+ you must not use any password generators (whether website applications or locally run programs) where you are not sure that they are high-quality and uncontrolled by an attacker, and keyfiles must not be files that you download from the internet or that are
+ accessible to other users of the computer (whether they are administrators or not).</p>
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