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<string lang="en" key="SYS_LOADER_RESTORE_FAILED">Failed to restore the original system loader.\n\nPlease use your VeraCrypt Rescue Disk ('Repair Options' &gt; 'Restore original system loader') or Windows installation medium to replace the VeraCrypt Boot Loader with the Windows system loader.</string>
<string lang="zh-tw" key="SYS_LOADER_UNAVAILABLE_FOR_RESCUE_DISK">原來的系統開機管理程式將不會保存到救援磁碟上(可能原因:備份檔案遺失)</string>
<string lang="zh-tw" key="ERROR_MBR_PROTECTED">寫入 MBR 磁扇區時失敗。\n\n您的 BIOS 可能設定為保護 MBR 磁扇區。檢查您的 BIOS 設定(啟動電腦後按 F2,Delete,或 Esc)中的 MBR/防毒保護。</string>
+ <string lang="en" key="BOOT_LOADER_FINGERPRINT_CHECK_FAILED">WARNING: The verification of VeraCrypt bootloader fingerprint failed!\nYour disk may have been tampered with by an attacker ("Evil Maid" attack).\n\nThis warning can also be triggered if you restored VeraCrypt boot loader using an Rescue Disk generated using a different VeraCrypt version.\n\nYou are advised to change your password immediately which will also restore the correct VeraCrypt bootloader. It is recommended to reinstall VeraCrypt and to take measures to avoid access to this machine by untrusted entities.</string>
<string lang="en" key="BOOT_LOADER_VERSION_INCORRECT_PREFERENCES">The required version of the VeraCrypt Boot Loader is currently not installed. This may prevent some of the settings from being saved.</string>
<string lang="en" key="CUSTOM_BOOT_LOADER_MESSAGE_HELP">Note: In some situations, you may wish to prevent a person (adversary) that is watching you start the computer from knowing that you use VeraCrypt. The above options allow you to do that by customizing the VeraCrypt boot loader screen. If you enable the first option, no texts will be displayed by the boot loader (not even when you enter the wrong password). The computer will appear to be "frozen" while you can type your password. In addition, a custom message can be displayed to mislead the adversary. For example, fake error messages such as "Missing operating system" (which is normally displayed by the Windows boot loader if it finds no Windows boot partition). It is, however, important to note that if the adversary can analyze the content of the hard drive, he can still find out that it contains the VeraCrypt boot loader.</string>
<string lang="en" key="CUSTOM_BOOT_LOADER_MESSAGE_PROMPT">WARNING: Please keep in mind that if you enable this option, the VeraCrypt boot loader will not display any texts (not even when you enter the wrong password). The computer will appear to be "frozen" (unresponsive) while you can type your password (the cursor will NOT move and no asterisk will be displayed when you press a key).\n\nAre you sure you want to enable this option?</string>