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<string lang="en" key="RESCUE_DISK_EFI_NON_WIZARD_CHECK_FAILED">Cannot verify that the Rescue Disk has been correctly extracted.\n\nIf you have extracted the Rescue Disk image to a USB stick, please eject it and reinsert it; then try again. If this does not help, please try other ZIP software and/or medium.\n\nIf you attempted to verify a VeraCrypt Rescue Disk created for a different master key, password, salt, etc., please note that such Rescue Disk will always fail this verification. To create a new Rescue Disk fully compatible with your current configuration, select 'System' > 'Create Rescue Disk'.</string>
<string lang="en" key="RESCUE_DISK_EFI_NON_WIZARD_CREATION">The Rescue Disk image has been created and stored in this file:\n%s\n\nNow you need to extract the Rescue Disk image to a USB stick that is formatted as FAT/FAT32.\n\nIMPORTANT: Note that the zip file must be extracted directly to the root of the USB stick. For example, if the drive letter of the USB stick is E: then extracting the zip file should create a folder E:\\EFI on the USB stick.\n\nAfter you create the Rescue Disk, select 'System' > 'Verify Rescue Disk' to verify that it has been correctly created.</string>
<control lang="en" key="IDC_SECURE_DESKTOP_PASSWORD_ENTRY">Use Secure Desktop for password entry</control>
+ <string lang="en" key="ERR_REFS_INVALID_VOLUME_SIZE">The volume file size specified in the command line is incompatible with selected ReFS filesystem.</string>
+ <control lang="en" key="IDC_EDIT_DCSPROP">Edit Boot Loader Configuration</control>
+ <control lang="en" key="IDC_SHOW_PLATFORMINFO">Display EFI Platform Information</control>
+ <string lang="en" key="BOOT_LOADER_CONFIGURATION_FILE">Boot Loader Configuration File</string>
+ <string lang="en" key="EFI_PLATFORM_INFORMATION">EFI Platform Information</string>
+ <string lang="en" key="EDIT_DCSPROP_FOR_ADVANCED_ONLY">WARNING: Inexperienced users should never attempt to manually edit boot loader configurations.\n\nContinue?</string>
+ <string lang="en" key="DCSPROP_XML_VALIDATION_FAILED">WARNING: Failed to validate the XML format of the Boot Loader configuration. Please check your modifications.</string>
+ <control lang="en" key="IDT_ADVANCED_OPTIONS">Advanced Options</control>
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