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<string lang="nn" key="LANG_PACK_VERSION">Språk pakke versjon: %s</string>
<string lang="nn" key="CHECKING_FS">Sjekkar filsystemet på VeraCrypt volumet montert som %hs...</string>
<string lang="nn" key="REPAIRING_FS">Forsøk på å reparere filsystemet på VeraCrypt volumet montert som har %hs...</string>
- <string lang="en" key="WARN_CBC_MODE">Warning: This volume is encrypted in CBC mode. Due to security issues, CBC mode has been deprecated since VeraCrypt 4.1.\n\nWe strongly recommend that you move data from this VeraCrypt volume to a new volume created by this version of VeraCrypt. After you do so, you should securely erase or destroy the old volume. For more information, please see the Version History in the documentation or the release notices distributed with VeraCrypt 4.1 or later.</string>
<string lang="en" key="WARN_64_BIT_BLOCK_CIPHER">Warning: This volume is encrypted with a legacy encryption algorithm.\n\nAll 64-bit-block encryption algorithms (e.g., Blowfish, CAST-128, or Triple DES) are deprecated. It will be possible to mount this volume using future versions of VeraCrypt. However, there will be no further enhancements to the implementations of these legacy encryption algorithms. We recommend that you create a new VeraCrypt volume encrypted with a 128-bit-block encryption algorithm (e.g., AES, Serpent, Twofish, etc.) and that you move all files from this volume to the new volume.</string>
<string lang="en" key="SYS_AUTOMOUNT_DISABLED">Your system is not configured to auto-mount new volumes. It may be impossible to mount device-hosted VeraCrypt volumes. Auto-mounting can be enabled by executing the following command and restarting the system.\n\nmountvol.exe /E</string>
<string lang="nn" key="SYS_ASSIGN_DRIVE_LETTER">Tildel ein stasjons bokstav til pertisjonen/einheiten før du held fram ('Kontrollpanel' &gt; 'System og Vedlikehold' &gt; 'Administrative Vertøy' - 'Lag og formater harddiskpartisjoner').\n\nMerk att dette er eit krav frå opperativ systemet.</string>