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<control lang="et" key="IDC_SHOW_PASSWORD_CHPWD_ORI">Kuva salasõna</control>
<control lang="et" key="IDC_TRAVEL_OPEN_EXPLORER">Ava haagitud konteiner &amp;Exploreri aknas</control>
<control lang="et" key="IDC_TRAV_CACHE_PASSWORDS">Hoia salasõnu tüürelis vahemälus</control>
- <control lang="en" key="IDC_TRUECRYPT_MODE">TrueCrypt Mode</control>
+ <control lang="en" key="IDC_TRUECRYPT_MODE">TrueCrypt Mode</control>
<control lang="et" key="IDC_UNMOUNTALL">Haagi kõik lahti</control>
<control lang="et" key="IDC_VOLUME_PROPERTIES">Konteineri atribuudid...</control>
<control lang="et" key="IDC_VOLUME_TOOLS">Konteineri &amp;tööriistad...</control>
@@ -243,6 +243,7 @@
<control lang="et" key="IDM_UNMOUNT_VOLUME">Konteineri lahtihaakimine</control>
<control lang="en" key="IDM_VERIFY_RESCUE_DISK">Verify Rescue Disk</control>
<control lang="et" key="IDM_VERSION_HISTORY">Versiooni ajalugu</control>
+ <control lang="en" key="IDM_VOLUME_EXPANDER">Volume Expander</control>
<control lang="et" key="IDM_VOLUME_PROPERTIES">Konteineri atribuudid</control>
<control lang="et" key="IDM_VOLUME_WIZARD">Konteineri loomise nõustaja</control>
<control lang="et" key="IDM_WEBSITE">VeraCrypti kodulehekülg</control>
@@ -535,6 +536,7 @@
<string lang="et" key="MOUNT_BUTTON">Haagi</string>
<string lang="et" key="NEW_VERSION_REQUIRED">Selle konteineri haakimiseks on vajalik VeraCrypti uuem versioon.</string>
<string lang="et" key="VOL_CREATION_WIZARD_NOT_FOUND">Viga: Konteineri loomise nõustajat ei leidnud.\n\nPalun veendu, et fail 'VeraCrypt Format.exe' on kataloogis, milles on 'VeraCrypt.exe' käivitatud. Kui ei, palun taaspaigalda VeraCrypt või näita 'VeraCrypt Format.exe' asukoht kettal ja käivita see.</string>
+ <string lang="en" key="VOL_EXPANDER_NOT_FOUND">Error: Volume Expander not found.\n\nPlease make sure that the file 'VeraCryptExpander.exe' is in the folder from which 'VeraCrypt.exe' was launched. If it is not, please reinstall VeraCrypt, or locate 'VeraCryptExpander.exe' on your disk and run it.</string>
<string lang="et" key="NEXT">Edasi &gt;</string>
<string lang="et" key="FINALIZE">&amp;Lõpeta</string>
<string lang="en" key="INSTALL">&amp;Install</string>
@@ -1034,8 +1036,8 @@
<string lang="en" key="EXTRA_BOOT_PARTITION_REMOVAL_INSTRUCTIONS">\nThe extra boot partition can be removed before installing Windows. To do so, follow these steps:\n\n1) Boot your Windows installation disc.\n\n2) In the Windows installer screen, click 'Install now' &gt; 'Custom (advanced)'.\n\n3) Click 'Drive Options'.\n\n4) Select the main system partition and delete it by clicking 'Delete' and 'OK'.\n\n5) Select the 'System Reserved' partition, click 'Extend', and increase its size so that the operating system can be installed to it.\n\n6) Click 'Apply' and 'OK'.\n\n7) Install Windows on the 'System Reserved' partition.\n\n\nShould an attacker ask why you removed the extra boot partition, you can answer that you wanted to prevent any possible data leaks to the unencrypted boot partition.\n\nNote: You can print this text by clicking the 'Print' button below. If you save a copy of this text or print it (strongly recommended, unless your printer stores copies of documents it prints on its internal drive), you should destroy any copies of it after removing the extra boot partition (otherwise, if such a copy was found, it might indicate that there is a hidden operating system on this computer).</string>
<string lang="en" key="GAP_BETWEEN_SYS_AND_HIDDEN_OS_PARTITION">Warning: There is unallocated space between the system partition and the first partition behind it. After you create the hidden operating system, you must not create any new partitions in that unallocated space. Otherwise, the hidden operating system will be impossible to boot (until you delete such newly created partitions).</string>
<string lang="en" key="ALGO_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_SYS_ENCRYPTION">This algorithm is currently not supported for system encryption.</string>
- <string lang="en" key="ALGO_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_TRUECRYPT_MODE">This algorithm is not supported for TrueCrypt mode.</string>
- <string lang="en" key="UNSUPPORTED_TRUECRYPT_FORMAT">VeraCrypt supports only TrueCrypt volumes created with TrueCrypt 6.x series</string>
+ <string lang="en" key="ALGO_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_TRUECRYPT_MODE">This algorithm is not supported for TrueCrypt mode.</string>
+ <string lang="en" key="UNSUPPORTED_TRUECRYPT_FORMAT">VeraCrypt supports only TrueCrypt volumes created with TrueCrypt 6.x series</string>
<string lang="en" key="KEYFILES_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_SYS_ENCRYPTION">Keyfiles are currently not supported for system encryption.</string>
<string lang="en" key="CANNOT_RESTORE_KEYBOARD_LAYOUT">Warning: VeraCrypt could not restore the original keyboard layout. This may cause you to enter a password incorrectly.</string>
<string lang="en" key="CANT_CHANGE_KEYB_LAYOUT_FOR_SYS_ENCRYPTION">Error: Cannot set the keyboard layout for VeraCrypt to the standard US keyboard layout.\n\nNote that the password needs to be typed in the pre-boot environment (before Windows starts) where non-US Windows keyboard layouts are not available. Therefore, the password must always be typed using the standard US keyboard layout.</string>