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<string lang="en" key="SYS_ENCRYPTION_UPGRADE_UNSUPPORTED_ON_VISTA_SP0">VeraCrypt no longer supports encryption of the system partition/drive on Windows Vista with no Service Pack installed. Before upgrading VeraCrypt, please install Service Pack 1 or higher for Windows Vista.</string>
<string lang="en" key="FEATURE_REQUIRES_INSTALLATION">Error: This feature requires VeraCrypt to be installed on the system (you are running VeraCrypt in portable mode).\n\nPlease install VeraCrypt and then try again.</string>
<string lang="en" key="WINDOWS_NOT_ON_BOOT_DRIVE_ERROR">WARNING: Windows does not appear to be installed on the drive from which it boots. This is not supported.\n\nYou should continue only if you are sure that Windows is installed on the drive from which it boots.\n\nDo you want to continue?</string>
- <string lang="be" key="GPT_BOOT_DRIVE_UNSUPPORTED">Ваш сістэмны дыск мае табліцу падзелаў GUID (GPT). Пакуль падтрымліваюцца толькі дыскі з табліцай падзелаў MBR.</string>
+ <string lang="en" key="GPT_BOOT_DRIVE_UNSUPPORTED">You are running a 32-bit Windows and your system drive has a GUID partition table (GPT). Currently, only Windows 64-bit is supported for GPT system encryption.</string>
<string lang="be" key="TC_BOOT_LOADER_ALREADY_INSTALLED">АСЦЯРОЖНА: На сістэмным дыску ўжо ўсталяваны загрузнік VeraCrypt!\n\nМагчыма, у вашым кампутары ёсць іншая ўжо зашыфраваная сістэма.\n\nУВАГА: У ВЫПАДКУ ПРАЦЯГУ ШЫФРАВАННЯ БЯГУЧАЙ СІСТЭМЫ ЁСЦЬ ВЕРАГОДНАСЦЬ, ШТО ІНШЫЯ СІСТЭМЫ НЕ ЗМОГУЦЬ ЗАГРУЖАЦЦА, А ІХ ДАДЗЕНЫЯ СТАНУЦЬ НЕДАСТУПНЫМІ.\n\nВы сапраўды жадаеце працягнуць?</string>
<string lang="en" key="SYS_LOADER_RESTORE_FAILED">Failed to restore the original system loader.\n\nPlease use your VeraCrypt Rescue Disk ('Repair Options' &gt; 'Restore original system loader') or Windows installation medium to replace the VeraCrypt Boot Loader with the Windows system loader.</string>
<string lang="be" key="SYS_LOADER_UNAVAILABLE_FOR_RESCUE_DISK">Зыходны сістэмны загрузнік не будзе захаваны на дыску ўзнаўлення (магчымы чыннік: няма файла з рэзервовай копіяй).</string>
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<string lang="en" key="PIM_TOO_BIG">Personal Iterations Multiplier (PIM) maximum value is 2147468.</string>
<control lang="en" key="IDC_SKIP_RESCUE_VERIFICATION">Skip Rescue Disk verification</control>
<control lang="en" key="IDC_HIDE_WAITING_DIALOG">Don't show wait message dialog when performing operations</control>
+ <control lang="en" key="IDC_DISABLE_BOOT_LOADER_HASH_PROMPT">Do not request Hash algorithm in the pre-boot authentication screen</control>
+ <string lang="en" key="GOST89_HELP">The GOST block cipher, defined in the standard GOST 28147-89 under name Magma, is a Soviet and Russian government standard symmetric key block cipher.\n\nDeveloped in the 1970s, the standard had been marked "Top Secret" and then downgraded to "Secret" in 1990. It was a Soviet alternative to the United States standard algorithm, DES.</string>
+ <string lang="en" key="KUZNYECHIK_HELP">Kuznyechik is a block cipher first published in 2015 and defined in the National Standard of the Russian Federation GOST R 34.12-2015 and also in RFC 7801. 256-bit key, 128-bit block. Mode of operation is XTS.</string>
<string lang="en" key="CAMELLIA_HELP">Jointly developed by Mitsubishi Electric and NTT of Japan. First published on 2000. 256-bit key, 128-bit block. Mode of operation is XTS. It has been approved for use by the ISO/IEC, the European Union's NESSIE project and the Japanese CRYPTREC project.</string>
<string lang="en" key="TIME">Time</string>
<string lang="en" key="ITERATIONS">Iterations</string>