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Add description string for the new wipe mode WIPE_MODE_256 in language files.
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<string lang="ar" key="WIPE_MODE_3_DOD_5220">‮3 مرّات (‪US DoD 5220.22-M‬)</string>
<string lang="ar" key="WIPE_MODE_7_DOD_5220">‮7 مرّات (‪US DoD 5220.22-M‬)</string>
<string lang="ar" key="WIPE_MODE_35_GUTMANN">‮‪35‬ مرة (Gutmann)</string>
+ <string lang="ar" key="WIPE_MODE_256">‮‪256‬ مرة </string>
<string lang="ar" key="SYS_MULTI_BOOT_MODE_TITLE">‮عدد نظم التشغيل</string>
<string lang="ar" key="MULTI_BOOT_FOR_ADVANCED_ONLY">‮تحذير: ينبغي ألا يعمي المستخدمون غير ذوي الخبرة ويندوز في التجهيزات عديدة الإقلاع. ‮ ‮أأواصل؟</string>
<string lang="en" key="HIDDEN_OS_MULTI_BOOT">When creating/using a hidden operating system, VeraCrypt supports multi-boot configurations only when the following conditions are met:\n\n- The currently running operating system must be installed on the boot drive, which must not contain any other operating systems.\n\n- Operating systems installed on other drives must not use any boot loader residing on the drive on which the currently running operating system is installed.\n\nAre the above conditions met?</string>